Noted 1%er Complains About Policy Benefiting 1%

Nope, not Obama this time. It’s Paul Krugman, who never met a Big Government spending scheme he didn’t like. He starts out by whining about “austerity” and saying it has failed, because we’ve had just so darned much! You know, with the ever increasing government expenditures, the massive Stimulus, son of Stimulus, 2nd cousin twice removed of Stimulus….I’d love to know just where this austerity is. The federal government is borrowing roughly 43 cents for every dollar it spends. Anyway, here’s a guy with a net worth of over $2.5 million dollars who gets paid more than enough to fit into Obama’s version of rich

(Fish Wrap) And this makes one wonder how much difference the intellectual collapse of the austerian position will actually make. To the extent that we have policy of the 1 percent, by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent, won’t we just see new justifications for the same old policies?

Strange. The Democrats have held the Senate since 2007. They held the House from 2007-2011. Yet, so many of the big money spent benefited….the rich. Who does Obama hang out with and invite to the White House for parties? 1%ers. Obama is a 1%er. Democrat policies have made it harder and harder for small businesses to succeed and thrive. Heck, to even start. Dem policies put businesses down leading to the non-1% being laid off. Dem policy has left record numbers of Americans dropping out of the jobs market in despair.

Oh, and has Paul sent a check to the IRS yet? I bet he’d be pretty darned unhappy if Congress changed the tax rate he pays to a point where he pays lots more.

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