Most Back Keystone XL Over “Climate Change”

And the Warmists lose yet again

(Yahoo News) A new poll released this week by Nik Nanos, a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, revealed that the majority of Americans and Canadians feel that the energy security that could be provided by the Keystone XL pipeline is more important than concerns over climate change.

* According to the poll, 63 percent of Americans think that having North America free from importing oil from outside the continent is more important than reducing greenhouse gases. Thirty percent of respondents felt that reducing greenhouse gases was the priority of the two issues.

* In Canada, 55 percent selected freeing North America for imported oil as more important, while 38 percent chose addressing greenhouse gases.

* Seventy percent of Americans and 60 percent of Canadians are favorable to the idea of the Keystone pipeline, Nanos’ poll revealed, with 74 and 68 percent respectively stating that they support or somewhat support proceeding with the project.

And for the percentage that feels that dealing with hotcoldwetdry is more important, ask them what they have done within their own lives. Have they given up fossil fuels? Only buy local? Stopped using hairspray? Take 2 minute showers? Etc? Expect some serious babble as an answer.

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