Here Comes Another “The Science Is Settled (stomps foot)” Opinion Piece

It’s just a little one feature in the Bowdoin Orient by Hugh Ratcliffe, but amusing nonetheless

There is no longer a scientific debate concerning the existence of climate change. Despite what the National Association of Scholars may claim, anthropogenic warming is not a premise to believe in but rather a scientific fact. In the past few weeks the College has seen a frenzy of debates, panels and meetings dedicated to issues of climate change and sustainability. But what seems to be missing from the discussion is an acknowledgement of the gravity of the situation—just what it is that’s at stake.

Climate change is an unscientific term. Warmists have been attempting to shut down debate for decades. A .08C increase in global temps since 1990, and .28F since 1997. Not exactly doom worthy. Warmists are not interested in science, because science is always debatable.

Stopping climate change is not just about saving the polar bear. It’s not about hotter summer afternoons and it’s certainly not about the rise of the Prius. In a 2009 address, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that climate change “is the greatest collective challenge we face as a human family.” Unfortunately climate change is insidious, and by the time we realized it was occurring, it had already been going on for nearly a century. Yet we have already begun to feel the disastrous consequences of a warming climate all across the globe, and it is only going to get worse.

How much worse can .08C over 20+ years be? Hugh follows up with lots of things Doooooom!!!! in the future. So, what does Hugh recommend?

Sustainability and divestment may indeed be the sacrifices Bowdoin must make to play its part. As an elite institution dedicated to the common good, we don’t do nearly enough to fight against the real effects of climate change.

Ah. Divestment. The current Warmist trope where they want schools and businesses to stop all links with evil fossil fuels companies, yet, Hugh, like most Warmists, refuses to tell us what changes he’s made in his own life, nor does he recommend changes for others. Strange, that, wouldn’t you say? I bet he drinks lots of CO2 infused beer and takes road trips in fossil fueled vehicles.

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2 Responses to “Here Comes Another “The Science Is Settled (stomps foot)” Opinion Piece”

  1. UncleDan says:

    Any scientist who makes the “science is settled” argument should be stripped of all scientific credentials. The science is NEVER settled. THAT is what makes GOOD science.

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