Crazy Uncle Cuomo Links Boston Bombing And Climate Change

Let’s be perfectly clear, Gov Cuomo was stating it’s all kinda the same, but just to bring the two up together is facepalm worthy

(Politicker) “It’s a terrible situation in Boston. And, unfortunately, … one gets the sense that this is more reflective of the ‘new normal,’ if you will,” he explained. “So much of society is changing so rapidly. We talk about a ‘new normal’ when it comes to climate change and adjusting to a change in the weather patterns. ‘New normal’ when it comes to public security in a post-9/11 world. Where these random acts of violence, which at one time were implausible, now seem all-too-frequent.”

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One Response to “Crazy Uncle Cuomo Links Boston Bombing And Climate Change”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    One of the most sane men in the liberal-eco-green socialist world. They must be so proud.

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