People Predicting Doom For Hurricane Season


(Grist) Following a tempestuous 2012, another torrent of hurricanes and superstorms is forecast to crash into the Atlantic coastline this year.

Um, we had Superstorm Sandy, the first big superstorm (which was not a hurricane when it made landfall on the US east coast) since 1991. We had one just barely a hurricane (it can be argued Isaac wasn’t at landfall). There have been no major hurricane landfalls on the US since late 2005, and Isaac was really the first hurricane since 2008. There were only a few tropical systems that even made landfall, or did more than provide some slightly rough seas. That’s “tempestuous”, and what Grist calls “wild” in the headline, apparently. A lower than average season. Which is probably due to “climate change” or something. The link to

From USA Today: Top forecasters predict an above-average 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, with 18 tropical storms forecast, of which nine will be hurricanes.

This comes on the heels of a less-than-stellar forecast in 2012, when nearly twice as many storms formed as had been predicted.

A typical year, based on weather records that go back to 1950, has 12 tropical storms, of which seven are hurricanes. A tropical storm has sustained winds of 39 mph; it becomes a hurricane when its winds reach 74 mph.

One of the great things in these modern days is the ability to see storms that would have been missed in the past, like with satellites and modern shipping.

You have the Weather Channel predicting 16 storms, 9 named, and 5 major. Then we get this

With the Atlantic expected to churn up so many storms this season, it’s highly likely that at least one of them will make landfall in the U.S. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

[Klotzbach and Gray] say there is a 96 percent chance of a hurricane hitting somewhere along the U.S. coast, compared to a long-term average of 84 percent, and an 80 percent chance of a hurricane hitting somewhere along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, compared to the long-term average of 60 percent.

So be ready to batten down the hatches, East Coast. Another wild summer may soon be upon us.

Does anyone else get the feeling that Warmists are really, really, really hoping for a devastating hurricane season, the first since 2005, in order to push their Cult? Remember, they were saying that AGW would cause lots and lots more landfalling hurricanes. Well, that prognostication died after 2005. Then they said there wouldn’t necessarily be more, but they would be more powerful. Well, that died, too. If this year is slow one for landfalls, I’ll put on my Madam Zelda hat and say that the Climate Astrologers will blame “climate change” and come out with all sorts of “studies” to prove it in retrospect. Because hurricanes only started when man made the combustion engine or somethin.

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6 Responses to “People Predicting Doom For Hurricane Season”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Isn’t a “normal” (what we peons out here in the hinterlands call Average) year one that sees over 15 named storms? With around 3 of all storms making landfall?

    And, to claim that omg there is a a great chance of ONE storm making landfall at some point this year at some point along the whole of the Eastern seaboard… is.. like saying.. at some point, I’ll go to sleep this year.

    Climastrology at its best (which is an oxymoron for people like john)

  2. Yeah, but hurricanes are now the fault of people driving cars. Why? Because. That’s why!

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  4. john says:

    Does anyone else remember Teach.posting.that Sandy was over hyped by the media?

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Does anyone remember how it was over-hyped by the media?
    Yeah, everyone else besides our john here.

    It was sold as the most devastating storm to come that anyone could remember. And that was when it was still down by florida. It was touted as it was going to wipe off alot of communities from the map. They touted it as the perfect storm on steroids.

    Yet, while it was a big storm, it was barely over H1 stage at any time of its lifespan and only a TS when it made landfall. Recall that storm rankings are based on speed. Yes this storm had a large destruction zone and a very deep depression to it, its windspeeds put it in TS status.

    And the damages, not comparable to any major hurricane that ever hit the South or Southeast.

  6. Does anyone else remember Teach.posting.that Sandy was over hyped by the media?

    Can you post exactly where I said that, John? Because what I said was that it wasn’t a hurricane, but that it was still a big, dangerous storm with a huge windfield and huge storm surge.

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