Liberal Suggests U.S. Should Spend Lots More To Create Jobs

No, really (via Memeorandum, though I did see the opinion piece while perusing the LA Times android app this am)

(LA Times) Why add to the deficit right now? Jobs. Our economic models clearly show that without increased government outlays we’ll be unable to generate enough GDP growth to seriously attack unemployment. If we tried to balance the budget through tax hikes, our still-recovering economy would be hurt. That leaves a temporarily bigger deficit as an important option.

I could probably make a joke about not taking economic advice from someone with a Greek (Dimitri B. Papadimitriou) sounding name, but that would be unfair to all those of Greek descent who understand just how absurd this notion is, not too mention that Obama and the Democrats tried it. Remember that $850 billion Stimulus passed in 2009? How’d that work out? Tons and tons of temporary jobs. Jobs that appeared only on paper. Jobs that were saved (typically union jobs like teachers) but once the federal money (mostly borrowed) dried up, those jobs were on notice because the economy still stunk and the states didn’t have the money. And still don’t in most cases (except the poster child for awesome, North Dakota, due to their growing fossil fuels industry).

As one of the commenters wrote “The man who wrote this is your worst enemy.   He is an advocate for failure.” Without knowing mroe about Dimitri, I can’t position that this is what Progressives want to do, fundamentally change the way government acts within the marketplace. Of course, when they try it, things rarely work out well in the end (see: Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, etc). And another comment

Do you want to create jobs? Then lets use an amended version of “separation of church and state” and adopt “separation of government and market place” and you will see an explosion of economic activity. Central planning has never and will never work. Central planning causes harm and any fix causes more harm.

Government is inherently unreliable and inefficient, and consider that so many have no knowledge of how economies work, just how they want them to work. And the more government digs itself into debt, the more the private companies will be concerned and be conservative in what they do. And where will this money come from? It can either be borrowed and/or taken from the private sector in the form of fees and taxes. Then government will waste it (see: Fisker, Solyndra, Abound Solar, the program to install energy efficient window, etc).

Finally, I’d hypothesize that the whole point of the opinion piece is to increase government. That’s what Liberals have been pushing.

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5 Responses to “Liberal Suggests U.S. Should Spend Lots More To Create Jobs”

  1. john says:

    well someone should create MORE jobs. The Fed and stae governments have cut almost 1 million jobs. The US corporations are sitting on. Now some people are happy that the governemnt isn’t creating jobs because well taht is socialism. I say force the companies taht are currently sitting on 1.6 trillion cash by threatening to increase their taxes. They would then have the choice of investing it back into their companies through jobs and capital improvements or giving it to the Federal government.. When taxes are low companies sit on cash rather tqan reinvesting it

  2. And their sitting on cash because of the horrendous economic policies of Obama and the Dems. Blame your little demi-god for this malaise

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Really john, you have no idea what ypu ate talking about. The US has the highest corporate tax rate of developed countries. Companies are looking at more taxes and more regulations costing them even more.

    If you think companies should create jobs, then feel free to start your own company. You think you have all these great ideas, so getting people to agree with you should not be an issue.

    You’d be surprised at the cost and number of hoops people have to jump through to start a business much less maintain it and there are more costs from this administration coming down the road.

    America was founded in part on the idea of less government. You believe in more government s=which basically means your ideas are un-American.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Our economic models clearly show that without increased government outlays we’ll be unable to generate enough GDP growth to seriously attack unemployment

    So, let me get this straight. To increase our nation’s GDP, this guy proposes that the govt borrow more money, spend it on crony unions, and then increase taxes on those who do pay taxes.

    How and who exactly does this help besides the unions and the gov’t power base?

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