Climate Astrologers Come Up With New Way Of Blaming Mankind For Extreme Weather

All the doom and gloom talk about “extreme weather” has been debunked time and time again, yet the Warmists keep attempting to manufacture a link. Here’s the latest

(Guardian) Global warming may have caused extreme events such as a 2011 drought in the United States and a 2003 heatwave in Europe by slowing vast, wave-like weather flows in the northern hemisphere, scientists said on Tuesday.

There’s that super-scientific word “may” again. It either did or didn’t. This is conjecture and allegory.

The study of meandering air systems that encircle the planet adds to understanding of extremes that have killed thousands of people and driven up food prices in the past decade.

Such planetary airflows, which suck warm air from the tropics when they swing north and draw cold air from the Arctic when they swing south, seem to be have slowed more often in recent summers and left some regions sweltering, they said.

“During several recent extreme weather events these planetary waves almost freeze in their tracks for weeks,” wrote Vladimir Petoukhov, lead author of the study at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany.

“So instead of bringing in cool air after having brought warm air in before, the heat just stays,” he said in a statement of the findings in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

What this is proposing, per the press release, is that globull warming is taking these waves of weather and slowing or stopping them for longer than usual periods of time. They’ve looked at a whopping 32 years of data (because climate never changed before…hey, 32 years, 1980! Surprise!) and determined that mankind’s use of fossil fuels has caused the waves to do this. I wonder what caused the massive mid-American heat waves during the 1930’s before CO2 was above 350ppm?

Climate change caused by greenhouse-gas emissions from fossil-fuel burning does not mean uniform global warming…

Of course not. In this way, they can still push their junk science even when it is very cold and snowy (which is also blamed on Mankind, just not in the press release).

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  1. John Silver says:

    Do not deny man-made global warming: I have done it myself!

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