Boxer To Introduce “Fee And Dividend”

Polish a turd and rename it and it’s still a turd

(SFGate) Sen. Barbara Boxer plans Thursday to co-sponsor a radical plan to control carbon dioxide emissions modeled on Alaska’s rebates of oil royalties to residents.

The California Democrat is a marquee draw for an otherwise obscure bill by Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont liberal and independent. Called “fee and dividend,” the legislation is an unusual variant on a carbon tax. It would impose a fee on carbon emissions at their source, such as coal mines, raising the price of fossil fuel energy.

Perhaps Babs should discuss how well this went the last time Democrats brought it up, when, with control of the House and Senate it couldn’t pass. Oh, and she should ask how well this worked for the Queensland, Australia Labor Party, which enacted similar legislation and subsequently lost the next elections so badly that they aren’t even a recognized political party.

But instead of giving the proceeds to the government, three-fifths of the money would be refunded to U.S. residents.

Yup. This will supposedly raise $1.2 trillion over 10 years. And, sure, we’ll see that money back as our cost of living skyrockets

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2 Responses to “Boxer To Introduce “Fee And Dividend””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Ok. so, the energy companies and carbon producers (every company there is) will be forced to pay a “fee”. They will push that cost on to the consumers. Consumers will pay 100% of all that fee, but then only get back 3/5th?

    What will happen to the other 2/5ths? What will accumulating fees in some federal agency do to our GLOBAL C02 levels?

    In order to pay the fees, the consumer will have to work harder, or use less resources, thus costing jobs for those companies.

    Yep, perfect example of Socialist thinking.

  2. The thing is, there will be across the board price increases including companies who aren’t going to see money back and aren’t paying a “fee”. Hence, consumers will get 3/5ths back but see certainly way more than a 100% increase

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