Egyptians Not Happy With Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi

Yes, the same Morsi who is the president of Egypt

(Telegraph) Demonstators burned down a headquarters block of the Brotherhood’s political front, the Freedom and Justice Party, in Alexandria.

And there were also heavy clashes in cities with a record of protest against the former regime of ex-President Hosni Mubarak like Suez and Port Said.

In Cairo, the biggest demonstrations for months filled Tahrir Square, reviving the spirit and chants of last year’s revolution.

An array of liberal and secular groups, including activists at the forefront of the protest movement that forced Hosni Mubarak from power marched on the Square to demonstrate against what they were calling Morsi becoming the “new pharaoh”.

What’s happening is that Morsi ended judicial independence so that his decrees would be unchallengeable by law. So, the upshot is that a “dictator”, Mubarek, who kept the peace, tried to protect Coptic Christians in Egypt and work with Israel, was deposed and replace with….the makings of a dictatorship based along Muslim Brotherhood and theocratic lines. Gee, if only someone had been concerned that something like this could happen /sic

The Islamist president assumed sweeping powers on Thursday in a decree read out by his spokesman Yasser Ali on state television.

“The president can issue any decision or measure to protect the revolution,” it said.

“The constitutional declarations, decisions and laws issued by the president are final and not subject to appeal.”

And once he starts issuing “declarations, decisions, and laws” based on Sharia Law and the Koran, I wonder how those who were saying Mubarek had to go will feel? Will there be concern over the treatment of women and gays? Or will we get the same idiocy of multiculturalism and tolerance?

Ed Morrissey: So we went from having a US-friendly dictator who managed to keep a lid on the Muslim Brotherhood and enforced the peace treaty with Israel, to having a dictator from the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of the Suez Canal.  And the only people who couldn’t apparently predict this very outcome were the people in the White House proclaiming their foreign policy as “smart power.”

The NY Times and Associate Press seem a bit shell shocked that this could happen.

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2 Responses to “Egyptians Not Happy With Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi”

  1. john says:

    At least the USA did not have to spend 2 trillion and lose 5000 men and women on that regime change, like we did when the neocons got rid of Saddam. Gee democracy WILL flower in the mideast won’t it

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    too late you silly racist. We’ve already spent that in Egypt. We’ve even helped remodel some of their mosques.

    And oh by the way you American hater, it has been under Obama’s watch that we have lost the most soldiers on the battlefield that no one wants us there. But, he keeps us there. WHy? Even when he says that he wants us out? Oh, didn’t he also say he would close Guantanamo?

    How about that promise to find out who was responsible for the Benghazi Betrayal? So far he is only stone-walling.

    And, its only been 4 years since he claimed to be focused like a laser on job creation. How’d that work out?

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