Lame Duck Bev Perdue Opts For State-Federal Insurance Exchange

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue was such a complete SCOAMF of a chief executive that she decided to forgo running for re-election in 2012. But, she’ll make darned sure she hoses the state on her way out the door

(News14) All eyes have been on Governor Bev Perdue this week, as a Friday deadline approached for North Carolina to declare its intent on how to handle health care exchanges under the federal Affordable Care Act.

In a press conference Thursday, Perdue said her first choice is clear: a state run exchange. But, she said, did not believe she could pick that option.

“The legislature did not provide us the ability to move forward with that type of exchange in time to have a timely completion by 2014. But they did indicate in their budget bill their preference as well for a state exchange,” said Perdue.

Instead she picked a federal state partnership, which her administration said will still give the state options.

State GOP leaders (the GOP now controls both the legislative and executive branches) stated that this was a horrible decision made by a SCOAMF, and that she should just STFU and GTFO. Well, not in so many words.

Administration officials say the exchange under the partnership should not cost the state anything because of the federal grant money attached to it.

Yeah, “shouldn’t”. Except, the money from the Central Government Planning Office (CGPO) still has to come from somewhere. In-coming governor-elect Pat McCrory hasn’t commented on it yet. I hope people understand that he is a rather squishy Republican, but, he best knock this program down the minute he comes into office.

In South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley has opted not to go with a state based option, and looks to be playing the “hey, give us more info and guidance so we can take forever to make a decision” game.

Just breaking, Wisconsin Scott Walker says state will not set up exchange, will not create a state-federal one, and leaves everything to the CGPO.

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2 Responses to “Lame Duck Bev Perdue Opts For State-Federal Insurance Exchange”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Feds came out today and declared and extention to the deadline. “deadline” lololol

    yeah, if a state accepts to create their own exchange under the rules set by the feds, then they are then TIED to use certain funds for certain things and are mandated to do certain obamacare things as well.

    If they just refuse to do anything, and let the FEDS take the reigns, then it actually saves the state money, gives them more freedom to spend money, and actually saves the feds money because the feds are not allowed to subsidize insurance then.

  2. And the funny part is that Ocare doesn’t give Los Federales the legal authority to fund federally run exchanges.

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