Socialist Mayor Proposes Banning All Classic And “Old Bangers” From Paris

Would it surprise you that this is mostly about the climate change hoax?

(Telegraph) Under proposals presented to the city council on Monday, Socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoë intends to outlaw by September 2014 the use of cars and utility vehicles more than 17 years old and lorries or buses more than 18 years old.

Motorcycles built before 2004 will also be forbidden, as the mayor said they were the “most polluting and noisiest”.

The “old banger” ban will apply to all vehicles inside the A86 motorway that surrounds the French capital.

Hooray, we’re saved!

The plan would “exclude the poorest people from driving in the capital” and turn Paris into an “island for the rich”, he told Le Parisien newspaper.

You know, those poor people who rely on older cars. So, what to do?

The Socialists insisted they would introduce “social” measures to help families and businesses update vehicles, including state subsidies to scrap old cars for new ones – a move experts dubbed unrealistic given the huge cost of such a measure at a time of austerity.

Why, yes, they’ll offer more money they don’t have. Sound familiar? They also propose a whole range of taxes and fees. Why?

They are part of a plan to turn Paris into a Low Emission Zone, cutting emissions by 30 per cent by 2015. Failure to comply with European air pollution norms could see Brussels slap a 100 million-euro fine on France in 2016.

Certainly, all those vehicles, especially the older ones and those that run on diesel, provide quite a bit of actual air pollution, such as NO2, ozone, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which create smog, and particulate matter. But, this is aimed at reducing CO2 which has been so devastating that there has been no change in the world temperature over the last 16 years.

I find it interesting how Warmist doctrine always seems to resemble Big Government fascism and nanny statism, with the requisite taxes, fees, control, and give backs.

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3 Responses to “Socialist Mayor Proposes Banning All Classic And “Old Bangers” From Paris”

  1. john says:

    Japan pretty much has for 2 generations prohibited cars older than 10 years from operating anywhere in country. This is one of the reasons the Japanese auto industry has done so well.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Good lord!! The inept inability to see reason, logic, and actual physical evidence is astounding.

    Japan also heavily subsidizes their transportation sector. Japan also has tons of people walking and riding bikes everywhere in their major cities. Granted, in places like that (like NYC) walking is far easier and that it is just plain hard to drive with all the taxis around and parking spots costing as much as an apartment.

    Well, if France wants to further erode its country, delve further in to the fascist socialist extremes that it fought against (mostly) during WW2, then so be it.

    The coming global collapse will be hilarious.

  3. So what you’re saying john is that the Japanese govt has artificially changes the economic conditions of their auto industry.

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