Adult Entertainment Industry Not Thrilled With LA County Condom Referendum

The Nanny State strikes the p0rn industry

(ABC News) A ballot measure mandating that porn stars wear condoms in adult films passed with 56 percent of the vote in Los Angeles County this week, but the adult film industry in California says it has already has a system to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases — and it’s better than latex.

The Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, or Measure B, will require performers to wear condoms during vaginal and anal intercourse, something industry leaders and their employees think is unnecessary because studios require performers to submit to mandatory STD testing every 14 or 28 days. If they aren’t STD-free, they can’t be entered into the industry-wide sexual health database, and they’re banned from performing.

The story notes that when Vivid and Hirsh required all actors to wear condoms back in the 1990’s their revenue dropped 30%. We also hear how a lot of do-gooders with good intentions think that this is super duper great and a “victory for common sense.” In other words, they are legislating thought. P0rn actors and actresses pretty much know what they are getting into, and the industry takes a lot of measures to reduce and eliminate disease.

Performer Kylie Ireland, who also directs adult films, said she was “obviously” against Measure B.

“It’s a ridiculous waste of time and money to regulate an industry that is already self-regulating,” she said. “We’ve done this all on our own. … I always felt totally comfortable and I’ve been in this business for 17 years.”

First of all this is the Nanny State rearing its ugly head. Second of all, can anyone guess what comes next? That’s right, these studios will take their business out of LA County, removing a huge “wad” (couldn’t help myself) of cash from the economy.

Adult film actor James Deen said the measure also violates his rights to free speech because he wants to portray a certain fantasy for film, and he should have the right to do that. He said he is considering a move to Las Vegas, a possible new home for the Los Angeles porn community. (Ireland estimated the L.A. County group makes up about 95 percent of the business in the United States.)

So, violating free speech (that’s kinda nebulous) and a potential huge loss of revenue for LA County.

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3 Responses to “Adult Entertainment Industry Not Thrilled With LA County Condom Referendum”

  1. Phineas says:

    The free speech argument may be more solid than it looks: X-rated performers are considered legit actors under relevant CA law, so their performances (and their “performance”) can been seen in the same free-speech light as stage and film stars.

    If the industry does move, a lot of Hollywood camera and sound people will be upset: many make extra money moonlighting on porn shoots.

    Meanwhile, the Nanny State can go do the predictable thing to itself. With a condom, of course.

  2. Good points. And, not that I’ll pay attention, it will be interesting to see how much revenue is soon lost in LA

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yeah, right Teach.

    removing a huge “wad” (couldn’t help myself)

    OMG.. you went there. shame shame shame

    Well, they will either move out of the county or hide their business.

    Question, how is this regulated? Do they have people standing around a studio they HAPPEN to come upon and watch carefully and closely to see if condoms are not used? There’s no way. Are there going to be video watchers who must approve of every p0rn film before it is allowed to be released…. within the county? What about films sold online? WHat about films made in the county but claimed to be made in Peru through green-screen process?

    OMG.. my head hurts again.

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