Due To “Climate Change”, Sandy Is Apparently The New Normal

Warmists just can’t help themselves. And they will take lots of fossil fueled travel to make sure you know about it. Here’s NRDC’s Dan Lashof

When are we going to do more to address the causes of climate change, rather than react to its effects?

We don’t know yet what Hurricane Sandy will leave in its wake as it tears its way toward the Northeast United States – although meteorologists are already warning that this “Frankenstorm” could be another billion-dollar disaster – or as one put it, “an economic and human disaster on multiple levels,” if it makes landfall near Long Island or Northern New Jersey.

But here’s what we do know:

This mega-storm is just one more sign of the new normal that will continue as long as we keep avoiding addressing climate change.

Just like the unprecedented droughts, flooding and heat we all experienced this year, storms like Hurricane Sandy is what global warming looks like.

Got that? One big storm is proof, proof I tell you, that Mankind is causing hotcoldwetdry. Remember those huge, massive storms that occurred the previous 10 years or so…..oh, there weren’t? That’s what we call “weather”?

Remember the days when Warmists told us that weather was not climate? That cold weather was no proof that anthropogenic global warming wasn’t fake? Now the Warmists have linked every weather occurrence, even snow and cold, to their pet pseudo-religion.

The looney tunes known as “Connect The Dots”, part of 350.org, held a rally yesterday to paint a picture that Sandy is part of their cult’s hotcoldwetdry beliefs. Hyper-Leftists Joe Romm is all abuzz in attempting to blame HCWD for Sandy, calling it “unprecedented.” It can’t possibly just be a big storm, something that Mother Nature makes happen, no, it’s because you, dear reader, refuse to unplug your DVR when not in use.

And this is one of the reasons people are extracting themselves from the Cult Of Gore: the unhinged and unscientific pronouncements. That, and the people who push it the hardest tend to have the largest “carbon footprints” and refuse to give up their fossil fueled travel, stop using ice makers, and only buy local.

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5 Responses to “Due To “Climate Change”, Sandy Is Apparently The New Normal”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:


    When things start looking like 1962 or 1938, then I’ll believe that this thing is huge. Else, it still looks like a Cat 1 hurricane occurring during a high tide period, with alot of pre-rain.

    I mean, as I write this, so far, it has taken Con-Edison 8 hours to turn off the steam and gas under a street from where a dangling crane was threatening to fall on top of. When they started, they were jack-hammering the street. They are STILL trying to get the gas and steam shut down.

    Please tell me why, after 200 years, and living in 2012, that we don’t have a switch that can be thrown to turn utilities off to areas???

  2. They should, but, I remember watching a program on the grid of NYC, and it was a frigging mess. ConEd doesn’t really know where half the stuff goes and what it really does.

  3. ruralcounsel says:

    And every day that goes by without a storm like this one coming ashore is proof that there is no significant AGW.

    If the logic works one way, it should work the other way too.

  4. Dave Loeff says:

    You can dismiss climate change as a bunch of alarmist bunk, but if you’re wrong then we’re all screwed. Big time. http://truthtalltales.blogspot.com/2012/10/is-all-talk-about-climate-change-just.html#links

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    And, if you’re wrong, then we are all screwed even sooner due to a destroyed economy and people living in the streets.

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