Boston Herald Has Some Questions For Obama On Benghazi

No matter what Obama supporters think, this issue is not going to go away

(Boston Herald)… the public and the media must demand answers. What exactly happened this past Sept. 11 in Libya? And why was the Obama administration unable or unwilling to prevent it?

The Benghazi controversy is not one, but four separate scandals — each of which calls into question the president’s leadership.

First, Benghazi raises legitimate questions about Obama’s competence as commander in chief. In last week’s debate, the president said that his No. 1 job is to keep Americans safe. Then why did he not do so in Benghazi?

Was the president unaware of the threat in Libya? Or did he simply fail to treat it with the requisite level of seriousness? The British saw the danger and closed their consulate months earlier. Once the attack was under way, why did the president fail to send assistance?

The other three are

  • the president’s reaction to Benghazi reveals his utter lack of integrity.
  • Benghazi reveals the president to be dishonest.
  • Benghazi reveals Obama’s deeply flawed ideological principles.

It also reveals that the majority of the American Media are unwilling to cover the story in depth. In the past (and certainly with a Republican President) the media would have been all over this story. Consider the coverage for a small potatoes issue like Valerie Plame. It was non stop wall to wall coverage. This is an issue tailor made for the media sharks smelling buckets of blood. Yet, the silence is deafening. Few are investigating or even showing they give a rat’s butt, despite 4 Americans being left to die.

Via American Perspective, which opines “I think the author left out the “Craven Coward” part about Obama, but this will do as a start….”


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2 Responses to “Boston Herald Has Some Questions For Obama On Benghazi”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Holy Cow.
    Is it beginning?

    I was rather pissed that there was no mention at all by the media this Sunday during the News Shows. Please tell me they will be going off air soon.

    Much of our public still don’t even know what a Benghazi is, let alone what happened there.

  2. Well, the Boston Herald is somewhat middle leaning. But, the more that catch on, the better.

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