Surprise! Warmist Links Hurricane Sandy And Hotcoldwetdry

You just knew that someone would do this, right? Michael Tobis steps up to the plate (via Marc Morano)

(Planet 3.0) Climate related? Well, Sandy is one of the new breed of very geographically large tropical storms. And the jet stream is in one of its wamdering moods, also associated with climate change, where what little cold air there is finds its way more than ordinarily far south. As usual with an individual event, theer’s no direct causality. But if something like this pans out it certainly will be perceived as an example weather weirding. And it’s another sort of event that the ever-more-wobbly system manages to serve up to us for our consideration.

Meteorologist Ryan Maue smacks Tobis around.

Big Think wonders if this is Mother Nature’s response for failure to discuss “climate change” during the debates. Climate Progress is lining Sandy to hotcoldwetdry. I’m sure more will come out of the woodwork.

Hey, remember the great Long Island Hurricane of 1938? The atmospheric CO2 was well below 350ppm at that point.

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4 Responses to “Surprise! Warmist Links Hurricane Sandy And Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. mojo says:

    Wake me when one of those looks finds something they can’t blame on AGW…

  2. Well, the don’t blame or link….um……ah….the Civil War to it. Of course, I haven’t searched yet to make sure.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Ok. Is anyone else not excited by this? ANYone else feeling like same-story-different-storm?

    This will be the 3rd “hurricane” in a row that the media and NOAA have hyped to ARMAGEDDON status, but when the storm actually came ashore they were no where they were predicted to be and were no where as dangerous as hyped.

    Right now, Friday Night, “Hurricane” Sandy is only 1mph in to being a hurricane. And it has been on the path and pattern to continue weakening.

    Much of what I’ve seen, this storm will have to struggle through 2-3 low pressure areas that will strip it of its strength. But, they still continue to say that it will be Armageddon … once it turns 90 degrees and heads towards land.

    Wake ME when something happens.
    (It’s Bush’s fault)

  4. Anastasie says:

    The reason for this big storm and the ones coming is associated with a warming Atlantic and cooling Pacific. This is the same pattern of the 50?s. It has nothing to do with climate change.

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