Obama States That The Election “Has Nothing To Do With Libya”

Obama took time for an interview with KUSA-TV Friday, and reporter Kyle Clark decided to perform a random act of journalism (while Brian Williams was following Obama around and slobbering) (video at the link)

President Obama discussed the situation in Libya during a satellite interview Friday afternoon with 9NEWS reporter Kyle Clark, who also asked if it’s fair for Americans to be told to wait until after the election to learn what truly happened in Libya.

“The election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened,” President Obama said. “Nobody wants to find out more what happened than I do.”

President Obama was directly asked twice whether pleas for help on the ground in Libya were denied during the attack. Both times, he repeated his standard call for a thorough investigation.

Au contraire, it has everything to do with Americans left hanging out to dry, because this is all part of the the pattern of incompetence of the Obama administration, and the incompetence starts at the top. We have the worst economic recovery post-recession ever, with the US economy just malaising around since July 2009, the end of the recession. Two Americans and over 200 Mexicans killed thanks to the guns the Obama administration walked and didn’t bother tracking. Blowing off our allies around the world. Our enemies laughing at the USA. And now this fiasco in Libya.

The Politico covers this, and Doug Ross makes a good comment: “Is it just me, or does the president look like he’s choomed?” He also writes

I think we can surmise why the president wouldn’t answer the question. Several reliable sources told me (since confirmed here) that the President would have been alerted within minutes of the attack commencing in Benghazi. Therefore, his refusal to answer the question speaks volumes.

If Obama thought there was no problem, that Libya was something that just happened, he would be out there talking about all that his people did to rescue the Americans who were killed. And here’s Greg Gutfield

“But, it raises questions why can you politicize bin Laden and not Benghazi?” Gutfeld continued. “Obama takes credit for one and avoids responsibility for the other. And what happens if this films (the National Geographic film about killing Osama) triggers mob violence? Will Weinstein be arrested? He’s been silent on the subject of free expression while the anti-Muslim filmmaker sweats in jail. Perhaps Harvey could keep him company. Heck, they could watch the movie together.”

It’s interesting how Obama wants to wait for a “full investigation”. Will this be the same type in which the Executive Office stonewalls Congress, ala Fast and Furious? And, he sure didn’t bother waiting to blame some video that no one had seen.

Obama also blamed the DOE for the bad “green” energy loans during the interview.

It’ll be interesting to see whether any of the military folks who were told to stand down and not provide help decide to blow the whistle, and whether the decision leads to “National Command Authority”, because there were only a few people who could have stopped any rescue operations.

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2 Responses to “Obama States That The Election “Has Nothing To Do With Libya””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Was watching Brett Baer show on Fox while I stopped by my parent’s place last night. They had a guy on the panel across from Kirsten Powers. His defense of Obama’s actions…paraphrasing: “if Obama had sent in a force and things had gone wrong, then America would be all up in arms with the president. Obama just could not take that chance”

    The whole panel just ripped him a new one.

    So, we had a number of assets in the air over Egypt and Libya, a quick reaction force in the region, and our guys being told directly to stand down and not protect our men during a firefight, speaks of the Politically Correct way this and the previous administration have tried to fight battles.

    They are afraid of bullets and using men to achieve a victory. They would much rather shoot missiles from an unpiloted drone that actually fight on the ground.

    They tell our guys to not use bullets and not respond when shot at.

    I pray, PRAY, that the next Congress really goes all out on this. Answers need to be found and people need to pay.

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