Bummer: “Greatest Threat Facing Humanity” Not Mentioned During Debate

Warmists are inconsolable, via Grist


If you watched the real-time reaction to the debates, the disappointment among folks within the energy and environment community over the lack of attention to climate was palpable. Even with 160,000 signaturesdelivered to PBS’s Jim Lehrer calling on him to ask the candidates about climate change, the issue was completely ignored during the 90-minute conversation — continuing a long streak of silence throughout the campaign.

Apparently, neither of the candidates has been watching the polls showing that climate could be a major factor in how undecided and independent voters cast their ballots.

It’s so important that Warmists won’t give up their fossil fueled lives.

Anthony Watts also notices that “climate change” was off the radar. And poor Al Gore

And other Warmists are bummed

Well, sorry, honey, as for last night’s debate, you’re a bit too late. Oh, and why are you all using evil energy to discuss “climate change”, energy which is giving the planet a fever?

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