Maybe #PresidentLadyParts Should Concern Himself With Women In Egypt

Most of you probably caught the “lady parts” kerfuffle yesterday. The Weekly Standard has a good recap. Here are two of my Tweets from yesterday

Let’s look at the link in that second one

Three separate protests against elements of Egypt’s draft constitution will be held on Tuesday to coincide with an expected court ruling on the status of the Constituent Assembly.

A protest against the draft constitution’s Article 36, which focuses on women’s issues, will take place at the Shura Council (where the Constituent Assembly meets) at 6pm. Critics of the article say it could open the door to lowering the marriage age to below 18, legalising female genital mutilation and using Sharia law (Islamic jurisprudence) to limit the rights of women to education and work, among other restrictions.

Moe Lane points out that the US is planning on giving Egypt $450 million of our tax dollars to a government that is anything but “moderate”. Strange how Obama and Democrats care little for the “lady parts” of women under Islamist regimes, and ignore the growing danger from the Muslim extremists.

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