Noted Warmists Speaks At UNGA

Now, if we could only get him to talk about “dirty weather”, he could speak on Al Gore’s Current TV!

(Policymic) -The environment as a common wealth and heritage of the entire humankind and a constant guarantor of man’s survival has been seriously damaged and devastated as a result of irresponsible and excessive use of resources particularly by capitalists across the world, a situation that has caused massive drought, flood, and pollutions inflicting irreparable damage and jeopardizing seriously human life on Earth.

Any guesses who?

Meanwhile, said Warmist also met with “peace activists.

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One Response to “Noted Warmists Speaks At UNGA”

  1. john says:

    Israel is also talking loudly about the dangers of global climate change. I guess they must agree with Iran on this matter.

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