Hotcoldwetdry Could Cause 150% Reduction/Increase In Bird Species…WTF?

We’re doomed!

Bird Behavior Indicates Impending Human Demise

Framed by a binocular lens the life of birds looks almost like a separate reality, but science has shown that those birds and the people who watch them share one thing: an ecosystem threatened by global climate change. According to avian experts, birds not only share our ecosystem, but also serve as important indicators of its health. Scientists agree that whatever change happens, whether it’s habitat destruction or extreme weather events, it will manifest first in the environment’s most vulnerable species.

“When birds are showing sides of distress, when there’s a drop in the bird population, then it’s a red flag. It’s a danger signal that something’s wrong with the ecosystem,” said Bob Powers, executive director of the Santa Clara Audubon Society, who has worked to educate people about the dangers faced by both birds and humans.

Because the climate never changed before Mankind used fossil fueled travel and in home icemakers.

Within the more pessimistic scenario modeled, in which sea level rises 1.65 meters by 2110 and little sediment is available, scientists predict a 150% decline in the populations of black rails, common yellow throats, song sparrows and marsh wrens.

????????? How in the hell do you see a 150% percent decrease? Will globull warming cause 50% of the birds to rise up as zombie birds?

Wait, wait, it gets funnier

 In an optimistic scenario, in which the sea level rises .52 meters by 2110 and more sediment (sediment availability ranges from 25 to 300 mg/L) is available, scientists predict an increase of about 150% in the clapper rail population and up to 100% increase in the populations of common yellow throats and song sparrows.

So, the situation that is somewhat more realistic in terms of what has happened over the past 7,000 years regarding sea rise would be good for the birds. 1.65 meters is 5.41 feet, .56 meters is 1.837 feet, which is still about double the reality.

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7 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Could Cause 150% Reduction/Increase In Bird Species…WTF?”

  1. Orson Snow says:

    Look at it this way. If Chuck Norris can count to infinity twice…we can probably kill all the birds out there 1.5 times.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    According to avian experts, birds not only share our ecosystem

    See, that proves that they are lying all over the place. No way that this can be true. I mean, I’ve never heard of this before. Well, ok. I take it back. It is coming from the “experts” so … it has to be true. Who knew they shared our ecosystem. Amazing what you can still learn.

    when there’s a drop in the bird population, then it’s a red flag. It’s a danger signal that something’s wrong with the ecosystem,” said Bob Powers,

    Ummmm.. or it could be that there is a toxin, a parasite, or an increase in predation. Could it also be just … migration time?? Oh, here’s an idea, maybe they heard you coming and left?

    So, if the environment changes to the plus from now, then the birds will benefit. But if the environment changes for the worse from NOW, then the birds will be negatively affected.

    Right. So, stop all changing climates. Got it. Does that mean that no more of cutting or planting of trees. No more digging of holes. No more construction at all. No more walking on or touching living biosystems. No more breathing of the air. No more growth, ingestion or egressing (yeah, new word for it) of food.

  3. Trish says:

    Poor widdle birdies.
    I think chipmunks are cute too. But if one runs out onto the road in front of my car, he’s gonna die. I am not endangering myself, my passengers, or another car, to save his cute widdle hide.
    Same goes for the birds. If the “climate” doesn’t suit them, or there is some other extenuating circumstance that causes them to die or leave, then it’s it’s adios my avian amigo! And don’t let the branch hit you in the a$$!

    When can we just get back to sanity, and lose the Rachel Carson whinyness???? She was a liar and opportunist, and these people are doubling down.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Trish >

  5. Funny how the Warmists aren’t too concerned when it comes to birds being killed by wind turbines, though, eh?

  6. Trish says:

    Poor baby birdies in the wind vanes!!!

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