Good Grief: Now Climate Change Is To Blame For Violent Crime

They really can’t help themselves

(Washington Post) After this summer’s many shooting incidents — the massacre in Aurora, Colo., followed by attacks near Texas A&M, at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, at the Family Research Council in Washington and at the Empire State Building on Friday — Americans have pondered possible explanations. Gun laws. Psychological problems. Economic distress.

Consider one more. July was, after all, the hottest month on record (WT-except, it really wasn’t) Might higher temperatures and global warming spur more violent crime?

“There is good reason to believe that climate change will become one of the major forces driving crime as the century progresses,” Emory University sociologist Robert Agnew writes in “Dire Forecast: A Theoretical Model of the Impact of Climate Change on Crime,” a study published in Theoretical Criminology last year. Citing droughts, famine and extreme weather, Agnew predicts that “as individuals, groups, and states struggle to cope with the effects of climate change, their ability to legally adapt to further effects will decline.”

Anyhow, supposedly when the temps hit 90F and above, violent crime goes down. What we’re looking at is a nebulous relationship between crime and temperature. Especially since most violent crimes occur during the night time, when temps are down. But, hey, anything to continue to push the cult of climate change.

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3 Responses to “Good Grief: Now Climate Change Is To Blame For Violent Crime”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Perfect GIF.

    Well Teach, its either Higher Temps or a re-focus on political freedom. It has to be either one of the two. Only external forces are responsible for murderous nutjob horror.

    News… It was not the fault of NY Police that 9 bystanders were shot during the NY police shootout with the gunman who did not participate in the shootout. Blame the shooter though. Some are now trying to blame McDonalds.


  2. No, no, see it was guns and the NRA at fault, despite very restrictive NY gun laws, like with those shootings in Chicago

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    What shootings in Chicago??


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