Report Finds Christians Under Assault From Government And Secular Groups

Anyone who is surprised, raise your hand

(Fox News) A new report by the Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute claims that there’s been a rising pattern of hostility toward Christians in America over the past decade.

The 140-page “Survey of Religious Hostility in America,” prepared by the Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council, highlighted more than 600 examples illustrating what it characterized as religious animosity shown by judges, government bureaucrats, schools and secular groups. From ObamaCare mandates that force religious entities to pay for contraception, to children being punished for uttering prayers in school, the report’s findings shocked even those who commissioned it.

“It’s a conflict of world views,” Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, told “These groups want people to check their faith at the door of the public square.”

There’s no doubt that those who practice Christianity are under assault, with the intention to make sure that Christian religious views have no place out in public. Hence the terming of Christian groups who espouse their opinions as “hate groups” from those who have a different view, and attempt to shut down free speech and put those Christian groups on the defensive.

One critic said the report is guilty of blurring the line between attacking religion and upholding the Constitution. A.J. Johnson, development director of American Atheists, Inc., said no one condones hate crimes such as the FRC shooting. But many other examples cited are simply cases in which advocates called for the separation of church and state,” Johnson said.

What’s amazing is how utterly clueless these anti-Christian people are. A letter from Jefferson to some northern Baptists, which makes a lot of sense when you read it, and doesn’t mean what these people think, doesn’t decide the Constitution. The entire point of the religion cause, as most of us know, was to restrict the federal government from enacting law that forces people to practice one brand of religion. Many, many people came to the New World to escape a government which worked hand in hand with one branch of Christianity. It never said there couldn’t be religion in government, nor religious symbols on government property. And many of the examples cited in the report do not have anything to do with government.

“The Family Research Council distorts court cases upholding the First Amendment as examples of “religious hostility,” she said. “In reality, they are imposing their beliefs onto others and claiming to be victims of religious persecution when they do not get unique Christian privilege.”

Yet, what of these secular groups and government? Are they not forcing their views on others? The thing is, these anti-religion groups tend to target Christians. Interestingly, when there are Islam days in government schools, we never hear about the groups going after the schools. These secular and government forces tend to be against Christianity, not other religions, and are entirely intolerant of other people’s points of view.

You can read much more at the FRC website Religious Hostility in America.

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4 Responses to “Report Finds Christians Under Assault From Government And Secular Groups”

  1. LD Jackson says:

    There is a simple practice we can all use to avoid confusion. Simply, it is this. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion in public, unless they are Christian. Muslim, Buddhist, any other religion can say their piece, but Christians are expected to sit down and shut up.

    Now, wasn’t that simple?

  2. john says:

    yes LD, that is all so true, but not to worry because it is all part of HIS plan. Just pray some more and it will all work out.

  3. Trish says:

    The End Is Near. That will be his plan if these morons who want to shut down Christian dialogue keep at it.

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