Politico Offers 4 Roadblocks To Romney’s Energy Plan

Romney just released his detailed energy plan Thursday morning, a 21 page plan that outlines how America can strive for energy independence. Fortunately, Politico is there to attempt to shoot it down just a few hours after it was released, offering four roadblocks

Energy experts say Mitt Romney’s goal to achieve North American energy independence by 2020 would be almost impossible to reach — and anyway, there’s not much in what the Republican candidate laid out Thursday that counts as a concrete plan.

Really? Perhaps we can compare that to the plan released by the Obama administration……pretty weak tea, and no details. And more like a sticky note than a plan. I’m sure the Politico will get right to fisking Obama’s plan. Anyhoo, let’s see those four “roadblocks”

Nursing the oil addiction

Because oil is obviously evil, and they know this by talk to someone in…..the nuclear power industry, who would obviously prefer nuclear power.

But the study’s co-author, Houston-based Pavel Molchanov, said in an interview that even if Romney met his 2020 goal, it wouldn’t be because of anything the Republican did as president.

“It’s due to the U.S. oil industry, which has mastered the very technically sophisticated skill set of developing these unconventional oil resources,” Molchanov said. “President Obama will take credit for an increase in oil supply. Gov. Romney will insist he can accelerate the trend. In actuality these are issues the U.S. government has very little effect on.”

Actually, the policies of government can highly effect the ability to drill and explore. When the private sector is allowed to do these things, we get, shockingly, more energy.

  • Offshore problems would persist – somehow, if they push for more offshore drilling, there will be more problems. And those problems? Enviroweenie groups, who take fossil fueled travel methods to protest and file lawsuits.
  • Drilling plan a ‘nonstarter’ – why? Two words: “Democrat opposition”
  • The rest of North America doesn’t need to cooperate – The Politico actually thinks that Mexico and Canada wouldn’t be interested in pushing towards independence from Middle East oil suppliers, countries that are bound to Islamic terrorism. And, when you add a savvy President and his administration which treats allied countries with respect and honor, and works with them rather than dictating to/blowing them off, things can happen. Good things.

So, let’s sum up: the problems are partly imaginary and partly because of Democrats/liberals. The 5 real roadblocks to energy independence are

  • Democrats/liberals
  • Rewarding campaign contributors with government money to create “green” energy projects which are bound to fail, and even those few that don’t collapse provide little energy and few jobs for huge costs
  • Left side energy policies which increase the price of energy and decrease the availability
  • Enviroweenies who block energy projects, including green energy projects
  • Unicorns don’t actually exist

Also, President Obama, who’s energy plan seems to revolve around properly inflating your tires and telling car companies to raise their fuel standards. Also, refer back to “unicorns don’t actually exist.” Fortunately, this might be a problem that will disappear come January.

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2 Responses to “Politico Offers 4 Roadblocks To Romney’s Energy Plan”

  1. john says:

    there are currently about 100,000 jobs in wind power alone, there are only 85,000 coal miners. solar panels are now UNDER 1 dollar per watt and continuing to drop. And yes solar only works when the sun is out, but gee isn’t that nice just when we need the most electricity there it is. Unlike fossil fueled plants where we have to build it bigger than what we need for 50% of the time Teach over the next decade do you expect the cost of fossil fuels to continue to go up in the world free market? I do. I also expect solar and wind prices to continue to go down. And even with energy independence we will still pay the world market price for oil, only socialist countries like Venezuala give their citizens the lowwer price for their own petroleum. I think currently they are paying only 15 cents per gallon for their own oil. Solar power is already cheaper than nukes and is comparable to coal in some locations. It is economics that have stopped the new building of coal and nuke plants. And with nukes NO ONE is willing to insure them, and without insurance nobody will invest their billions. Nuke plants have now officially been thrown under the bus along with Sarah Palin Chrissie O’Donnell larry craig et al.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    solar power is $1 per watt??? Try around $5, at least. Rated watts are never what you get.

    Besides, when you consider if it is $1 per watt, oil power is under $0.05.

    And, those jobs? NOT. Those are potential jobs pushed by the companies wanting to get DOE tax-funded loans.

    solar jobs are paid for by tax dollars -which means they are a net loss of income. Coal jobs are paid for by consumers and are a net plus to our economy. They also provide much more energy for our energy dependent economy.

    And yeah, we so desperately want nuclear power. I don’t understand why we can’t have nuclear powered vehicles?

    Heard from a man in the natural-gas industry who wants to sell more natural gas: Claims that if we took 8 million 18-wheeler trucks, of the total 250 million, and converted them to natural gas that we could be energy independent of oil imports.

    Ummmm…. so, we have an 18-wheeler for every person in america of teenage or older? We only have about 310 million living beings in American now. Fun with numbers.

    I’d also like to see an 18-wheeler lined up at your local gas station trying to get an CNG refill.

    Democrats\Socialists are always a block to cheaper energy. They can’t allow capitalism and a free-market principles to flourish. Killing energy forces the populace to rely more on government handouts.

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