Good Grief: Now Al Gore Is Calling It “Dirty Weather”

I actually rubbed my forehead after writing that headline

(Al Gore’s (big energy sucking) Journal) We are in the midst of a tremendously hot summer. Between crops withering across the Midwest, fires in Colorado, and severe heat waves sweeping the entire country, a lot of people are saying out loud, “I’m too hot!”

Climate Reality has been working to raise awareness of the climate crisis, its links to the massive pollution from dirty energy, and the “dirty weather” it creates. Starting this week in Austin, TX, the Climate Reality “I’m Too Hot” ice cream truck will be distributing sweet treats to folks across the city to raise awareness of the reality of climate change. Learn more and make sure to visit them this week in Texas.

Hmm, I’m assuming the ice cream truck is a fossil fueled on, since if it was powered by something else, they would be trumpeting it. Furthermore, doesn’t ice cream make people fat? And aren’t fat people bad for globull warming?

In order to get free ice cream and prizes (plus lectures and stuff), you have to Tweet #ImTooHot. Of course, most look like they just want free ice cream.

I wonder if it was dirty weather 74 years ago? (from the “learn more” link above)

Nationwide, this is the hottest year on record to date, and for those living in Austin, 2012 is so far the warmest year in 74 years. We can’t ignore that manmade carbon pollution is warming our planet.

Um, what caused that 74 years ago?

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4 Responses to “Good Grief: Now Al Gore Is Calling It “Dirty Weather””

  1. john says:

    But Teach 2012 was supposed to be the year Global COOLING began, what happened?????

  2. Do you have anything substantive to add?

  3. […] sermon to his flock at The Gore Cult of Global Warming Climate Change Dirty Weather. William Teach exposes Gore’s latest load of BS! (Al Gore’s (big energy sucking) Journal) We are in the midst of a tremendously hot summer. […]

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    I’m sorry, how can it be the warmest year on record when its not even over yet? Summer just started so…….

    And yet, it is still no where near a record. …. FOR THE NATION!?!?!??!

    come on!!!

    I’m sorry. But.. in summer, it’s supposed to get hot. Yeah, anyone remember last summer? Cold in Alaska and It was chilly on the west coast all the way in to September.!!!!!

    Yeah, so, please tell me silly john, how does a few states experiencing a blocking high pressure in the US, mean that the GLOBE is warming?!

    Oh, and btw, if your Socialist brethren can rely on faulty tree-rings to claim there was no MWP or LIA, then we can now claim that the warming that has been touted as has been occurring over the last 60 years is doubly mis-represented.

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