Quote Of The Day From Obama: Spit Take Or Nose Spew?

Does this quote from His Royal Majesty Barack H. Obama beat out the previous post on needing an additional $36 trillion for globull warming? You decide (via Hot Air, where Allahpundit Erika Johnsen discusses)

“Those of us who have spent time in the real world understand that the problem is not that the American people aren’t productive enough,” Obama said during a fundraiser today, after saying that Romney believes that America “automatically” prospers when the wealthy profit. “[Romney says] his 25 years in the private sector gives him a special understanding of how the economy works, [so] my question is why are you running with the same bad ideas that brought our economy to the brink of disaster?” …

OK, based on the bold part, spit take or milk from the nose spew?

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2 Responses to “Quote Of The Day From Obama: Spit Take Or Nose Spew?”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Milk from the nose. Definitely.

    that anyone believes this doofus and gives him any shred of credibility or.. even the basic infinitesimal benefit of the doubt… is … as has been said by Vizzini: “INCONCEIVABLE!”

  2. Unfortunately, there are many, many stupid people in this country who think Obama has done a good job.

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