Is There Really A Need To Panic Over a .29C Rise In World Temperatures?

Is there any need to implement massive Central Government regulations that include large transfers of money from the private sector to the government sector along with numerous lifestyle limiting burdens?

(UK Daily Mail) World temperatures have remained almost stagnant in the last two decades, new figures have revealed.

Temperatures across the globe rose by around a third of a degree last year from the average of 14 degrees Celsius recorded between 1961 and 1990.

In some years, temperatures rose by just 0.29 degrees C while in others they rose by .53 degrees.

Most of that warming occurred in the 1990’s, with a rise of about .2C, ending with the El Nino year of 1998. Since then, barely any rise, and, in many places, a dip. The UN IPCC “best” scenario, using their vaunted computer models, was for around .46C over the period of 1990-2012 (via Clive Best). Furthermore, from 1961-1980, the Earth was in a cooling period (the overall cooling period started in the 1940’s), meaning the average temperature was deflated to start with during the current warm period, which was preceded by a long term cool period, and a period that was warmer than today, then a cool period, and a warmer than today period.

Are we really supposed to panic over .29C over 22 years?

The findings come as consumers feel the full force of a raft of environment policies introduced by the coalition and the previous Labour government in the name of climate change.

By 2030, ‘green’ policy burdens could cost families an extra £267 a year and have already raised current energy bills by £78 annually.

This is the kind of idiotic policy that saw the Queensland Labor Party lose so many seats in this years election that they aren’t even considered a Party within the government. But, then, the point has never been to “stop anthropogenic global warming”, it’s always been to increase the power of the government over the private sector and shift more and more money into the government coffers.

HadCrut and NASA temps are “significantly lower than IPCC climate model predictions.” This is why the Warmists have switched to blaming every weather event on “climate change”, ie, Other People living a modern life, after they told us that “weather is not climate.” It’s also why they are pushing “biodiversity” and “sustainability”. Creating fantasies that snow can only be caused by warm weather. That no matter what happens, it is the fault of climate change. They especially enjoy discussing these notions in exotic vacation spots around the world reached by fossil fueled flights on the taxpayer quarter.

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