Queen Nancy Says GOP Student Loans Plan Is An “Assualt On Women”

One of the problems with beating a meme to death is that people may very well tune out the message, and, even worse for those trotting out state memes, it could make people wonder what the hell that person has to offer. Here’s Excitable Nancy Pelosi

(ABC News) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi railed against Republican efforts to offset the one-year extension of the 3.4 percent student loan rate by taking money out of a fund she believes is imperative to the “survival to women.”

Pelosi told reporters that she is whipping her caucus to oppose the GOP’s proposal.

“We will not support a bill that robs Peter to pay Paul, which ostensibly supports a middle-class initiative while making those very same people pay for it,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said today during her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill. “In order to pay for it, [House Republicans] are going to make an assault on women’s health, make another assault on women’s health, continue our assault on women’s health and pay for this with prevention initiatives that are in effect right now for childhood immunization; for screening for breast cancer, for cervical cancer; and for initiatives to reduce birth defects – a large part of what the Center for Disease Control does in terms of prevention.”

I hear a screeching in my ears, how about you? Anyhow, ABC links to another ABC article which highlights that Boehner wants to do away with an HHS slush fund, one that Democrats already agreed to cut back in February. The Speaker’s blog has more. But, my goodness, Nancy just can’t help herself. She has her claws wrapped around this stale talking point, but, what is the Democrat plan? Why, to go after small businesses with tax law changes that would increase their costs.

On a side note, if the student loans issue is so damned important, as Obama has been preaching over the last week, why is Harry Reid waiting till May 8th for a vote?

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5 Responses to “Queen Nancy Says GOP Student Loans Plan Is An “Assualt On Women””

  1. gitarcarver says:

    We will not support a bill that robs Peter to pay Paul…..

    We just won’t pay the bills at all. Let the Chinese and out kids worry about it.

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  3. Trish says:

    I declare ye, Nancy Pelosi, certifiably insane!

    I hear the same screeching Teach, and it’s getting to that tipping point.

    Git’s right, why start paying for shit now?

    But let me get this straight; the lying sack of poo dems “rob” from medicare to pay healthcare, and apparently since they aren’t “named” Peter and Paul, it is aok????

    God I hate politics. Actually, I don’t, and I don’t like to hate anything, but I hate the current crop of liberals so much it hurts. The lies they perpetuate, and the complicit media, make my head explode.

  4. Quite right, GT: why bother paying for anything now? Congress has already mortgaged the future to other countries with debt and deficits that can never be paid for, as well as massive unfunded liabilities.

    It’s all they know how to do, Trish. And, if the Dems don’t get their way, they throw a hissy fit worthy of a 3 year old not given a pre-dinner cookie.

  5. Mike says:

    We’re just finishing up a remodel/addition that cost around 250 G’s. The general contractor said if Obamacare goes into full effect, it would raise the price of a similar job by 50 G’s with all the extra regulations and fees pertaining to the insurance mandate. Talk about a job killer!

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