Snap! Climate Change Is A Human Rights Issue Or Something

Now, if only the Warmists would tell us exactly what the proper temperature should be for the Earth

Climate change is a human rights issue – and that’s how we can solve it

We can overcome the problems of delivering collective action on climate change by treating mining, deforestation, ocean degradation and more as violations of human rights

So says Warmist Olivier De Schutter

Global climate-change talks often resemble the scene of a traffic accident. Multiple voices shout each other down in a bid to tell their own version of events. What is the real damage, how quickly must it be repaired, and who should foot the bill? (snip)

If our political processes cannot conceive of a non-growth future, and yet a fundamental rethink of growth is the only honest starting point for the fight against climate change, then those political processes are clearly not fit for purpose.

But, no, he’s not suggesting democracy has failed

Does this mean that democracy has failed, and must be sacrificed for authoritarian solutions? The solution may in fact be the polar opposite. A system where failing governance procedures are forced to think long-term does not necessarily require anti-democratic “climate tzars”. Instead, this revolution can be hyper-democratic and guided by human rights.

And who makes the decisions? Perhaps we can involve the UN Human Rights Council, which has included such bastions of human rights such as China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia, among others. And, he states that governments would be “obliged”, ie, forced, to adopt measures to “battle” climate change…..sounds rather fascistic, doesn’t it? What of those who do not believe in anthropogenic global warming? Will our opinions be listed to, or simply shut down?

And, as for De Sschutter himself?

Olivier De Schutter is the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food. He will deliver an Oxford Amnesty lecture, entitled Human Rights and the Post-Carbon Economy, on 26 April.

He teaches and lives in Belgium. He’s also a visiting professor at Columbia University and visiting scholar at Washington University. That sure seems to involve quite a few unnecessary fossil fueled flights.

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