Sarah Palin Jokes About Having Secret Service Shoot Fish And Game Commissioner

And the 90% liberal media went ballistic, as did the liberal blogs……oh, wait, sorry, I meant crazy Joe Biden said it, and the only other news outlet to cover it other than conservative leaning CNS News is CNN, which didn’t seem to find anything wrong with what Joe said

(CNN) After his tour via airboat, the vice president took to a podium before a small audience, and used a joke to explain that it was his first time touring the Everglades.

“I know Ronnie Bergeron is here,” Biden said, referring to well known Everglades advocate and Florida businessman Ron Bergeron. “He tried to get me out there about 10 years ago. But he didn’t want me to go see it. He wanted me to wrestle alligators. Y’all think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding. He’s one crazy son of a gun.”

As the audience laughed, Biden continued his joke.

“You see this man right here? My Secret Service guy?” the vice president asked, referring to an agent just off stage.

“He said that if I go, he’ll shoot you, Ronnie. I’m only kidding. That’s not true. He didn’t say he’d shoot Ronnie. He said he’d shoot the alligator if I went.”

Ha ha ha, laugh riot. Now, substitute Palin, Romney, or any other Republican name in there, and consider the massive liberal freakout. Of course, those of us in Reality Land, otherwise known as Conservatives, understand it was a joke, one similar to something we’ve potentially said to people we know many times…..oh, you don’t make jokes about shooting your friends? Hmph.

Fortunately, Joe was there to make a speech “highlighting the environmental, economical and ecological benefits of the Everglades”. Well, good thing alligators aren’t a threatened species or something.

Again, we understand it’s a joke. A poor taste joke, but, a joke. This episode of Joe Eats His Foot highlights the partisanship of the media, who would vilify and crucify any Republican who said something similar.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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