Grist Has An Earth Day Wish: A Better Human Brain

So says Warmist Dave Roberts

For Earth Day, Treehugger asked several green types what one wish they had that might make the world a better place. The answers were interesting and diverse — you can read them all here.

Here’s mine:

I would change the human brain. Thanks to millions of years evolving in small groups on the savannah, our brains are rather maladapted to being part of a single human tribe of billions, most of whom we will never see or know, with collective effects on our global habitat that play out incrementally over centuries and are irreversible and possibly unadaptable.

Warmists are getting more and more desperate as their failed religion continues to die. Their latest excuse is that their’s something wrong with non-believer’s brains. Instead of insulting us, they cold perhaps… hard physical evidence using the scientific method.

My Earth Day wish is that all Warmist live the life they say everyone else should. Also, that they stop ruining real environmental issues with the bat shit crazy prognostications and scareathons.

Today, we are on a course that is likely to render our planet unsuitable for human civilization—if not by 2100, by 2300.

I’d also wish that Warmists would tell us what the climate will do in the short term, instead of when we will be dead. They can’t, though.

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3 Responses to “Grist Has An Earth Day Wish: A Better Human Brain”

  1. Dana says:

    If they can only tell us what the climate will be after we are dead and gone, we can’t prove them wrong, right?

  2. Exactly. But they want the money and control now.

  3. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    Bat shit crazy. Just can’t improve on a perfect comment.

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