Team Mitt’s New Bumper Sticker: “Mom’s Drive The Economy”

Team Romney jumped on the contrived “war on women” meme as portrayed by Hilary Rosen with both feet, and is already taking advantage of it

We stand with Mitt and Ann in saying that all women play an important role in our country. America deserves a president who will bring us together — not pit us against each other.

Donate $6 to Romney and you can get the bumper sticker.

Via The Lonely Conservative.

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3 Responses to “Team Mitt’s New Bumper Sticker: “Mom’s Drive The Economy””

  1. […] for pointing out what your side really thinks of women and the choices we make.Update: Linked by The Pirate’s Cove – thanks!Tweetvaso linkTags: Bumper Sticker, moms drive the economy, Romney This entry was […]

  2. Phineas says:

    Romney was far from my first choice, but I have to say I’m impressed with the speed and willingness at which his campaign is willing to punch back and fight. So far, it’s caught the Obama-bots by surprise.

    Such a nice change from McCain.

  3. Far from my first choice, unfortunately, Bachmann flamed out, Pawlenty never got started (I wonder what would have happened if he had stayed in for another month?), and Huntsman’s campaign was idiotic. I think Romney will do a good job, and, when the real GA starts, he’ll look like the real adult in the room compared to Obama.

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