Warmists Realize They Have To Bait And Switch To Sell Their Failed Cult

Of course, this is called “rebranding.” Just like the Law of Thermodynamics was rebranded. Same with Gravity. Otherwise, people wouldn’t have bought in

(Politico) Shhhh! Don’t talk about global warming!

There’s been a change in climate for Washington’s greenhouse gang, and they’ve come to this conclusion: To win, they have to talk about other topics, like gas prices and kids choking on pollutants.

More than two years since Democrats’ cap-and-trade plan died in Congress, the strategic shift represents a reluctant acknowledgment from environmentalists that they’ve lost ground by tackling global warming head-on. Their best bet now lies in a bit of a bait and switch: Help elect global warming fighters by basing campaigns on kitchen-table issues.

That’s why they switched from global warming to phrases like climate change, extreme climate change, abrupt climate change, and are pushing “extreme weather” now, attempting to state that every weather event is caused by Someone Else driving a fossil fueled conveyance. They’ve also tried “biodiversity”, “sustainability”, and “buy local.”

“I think climate change is more difficult to explain,” Cani said. “When we’re talking about the immediate effects of some of these policies and some of these issues that will lead to climate change, they’re very serious too. We think that when we’re talking about [health] issues … we’re still talking about climate change,” he added. They “might not be using that word or that phrase.”

True. It’s rather difficult to explain how below average temperatures and massive snow is caused by greenhouse gases which trap heat. And how a trace gas necessary for life on earth is a pollutant which will kills us all. And why the leaders of this movement tend to be the worst “carbon offenders”, and that their disciples tend to take no real actions within their own lives.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Realize They Have To Bait And Switch To Sell Their Failed Cult”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    We’ve had such a great “winter that wasn’t” here in the Northeast that everyone I speak with agrees we’re ready to sign up for Global Warming!

    Call Algore and let him know I’ve got friends who’ll be happy to drive their large SUV’s on a continuing basis if we can have a repeat again next year.


  2. Well, you know the kids hate it. No school days off. I know I would have hated it, as the pond we skated on and played hockey would be too warm to freeze, but, then, I grew up in a cooler period. For us adults, not chance of winter weather related accidents, no freeze damage to pipes and siding, etc.

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