Occupy Weenies Look For New Issue, Settle On Climate Change (Hoax)

Well, on the bright side, many of them were living like it was 1499 (well, except for the laptops, smartphones, cooking with fossil fuels, etc…but they were raping and living in their own filth like it was 1499)

(The Nation) Occupy Wall Street’s original Declaration of the City of New York, in September, listed a litany of issues, from foreclosures and bailouts to outsourcing and cruelty to animals, but it barely mentioned the environment and was silent on global warming and climate change. A resolution passed by consensus at a General Assembly this past January more than rectified the omission. It states, “We are at a dangerous tipping point in history. The destruction of our planet and climate change are almost at a point of no return.” The resolution links climate destruction to the shift in political power that lies at the heart of Occupy: “We must reclaim our democracy to protect our planet.”

The General Assembly resolution calls for a month of action, starting March 24 and leading up to Earth Day on April 22, to draw the Occupy movements across the country and around the world further into the struggle to protect the climate. “Earth Month,” which will target all fossil and nonrenewable fuels, is being spearheaded by a group from OWS called 99forEarth. The resolution also calls for “connecting the dots between the 1% and the destruction of the planet.” At one end of the chain are specific depredations on specific environments: “Our mountains in Appalachia are blasted; our drinking water in the northeast [is] threatened by fracking; our American heartland is charted for an oil pipeline; and our forests in the northwest [are] targeted for further deforestation.” Connect the dots and you find that the corporate destruction of the earth’s climate has been “financed by the 1%” and that a “small group of polluting businesses” have “hijacked our political system for their benefit.”

I’m sure, along with the old “spreading awareness (but Someone Else needs to cut back on their lifestyle, because I won’t)” campaigns, we’ll see the same old violence, especially with pithy movements such as Disrupt Dirty Power (I wonder how the Occutards will get to the demonstrations?). And there’s this

Saturday March 24rd – Occupy the Business of Pollution: A day of global direct action to disrupt and expose the dirty business as usual and its political supporters. We will occupy corrupt polluters and banks who support them like B of A, Chase and Citi, politicians and front groups like Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, the American Petroleum Institute, through a diversity of creative actions on a local level.

Yup, sure to be violence.

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3 Responses to “Occupy Weenies Look For New Issue, Settle On Climate Change (Hoax)”

  1. I thought Soros had already cut these people off.

  2. Eh. Most of them are probably trust fund babies.

  3. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    I thought OWS was all about putting the homeless in foreclosed homes, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Whilst whipping those evil money changers in the temples of capitalism in Babylon. But hey, at least saving the world is a nice dream. Even if by reducing carbon emissions they cause more homeless, starving, freezing, naked and dead people. Maybe OWS is truly wise in realizing that people are the problem. Now I’m just waiting for OWS to jump off a cliff. Together. Holding hands.

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