Warmists Really Excited To Play Climate Change (Hoax) Games That “Could Change The Future”

Really, really excited. After first discussing how so many young people play games, Soros funded Climate Progress tells us

Looking at the climate change challenge there are a number of games and interactive tools to broaden our understanding of the dynamics involved. Climate Interactive, for one, has led the development of the role-playing game World Climate, which simulates the UN climate change negotiations and is being adopted from middle school all the way up to executive management-level classrooms. Many are recognizing the power of games and everyone from government agencies to NGOs to a group of teenagers is trying to launch a game to help address climate change. Below are some of the climate and sustainability-related games we’ve found. Let us know if you’ve found others.

The climahypocrites then go on to list 19 games, such as

2. Fate of the World: A PC game that challenges players to solve the crises facing the Earth from natural disasters and climate change to political uprisings and international relations.

3. CEO2: A game that puts players at the head of a company in one of four industries. The player must then make decisions to reduce the CO2 and maintain (and increase) the company’s value.

4. VGas: Users build a house and select the best furnishing and lifestyle choices to have the lowest carbon footprint.

Oh, and hey, how about

9. Logicity: A game that challenges players to reduce their carbon footprints by making decisions in a virtual city.

Interestingly, all the games are virtual, and not one of them actually revolves around reducing their own CO2 footprints in the Real World. Hence, Climahypocrites.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Really Excited To Play Climate Change (Hoax) Games That “Could Change The Future””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    And the climate change deniers harped about Heartland for wanting to have their view points shared in schools.

    But yet, it seems the religion of government has free sway.

  2. True. I have a post sitting in draft about Warmists whining about Heartland while pushing their own school initiatives from the other week.

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