You People Who Drive Fossil Fueled Vehicles Are Partially Responsible For Syria “Unrest”

Despite all the insanity from the Warmist camp, blaming everything on “climate change”, which of course means not natural variations in the climate, which has happened for the last 4.5 billion years, but, because you people refuse to live like it’s 1499, I really didn’t expect this kind of bat shit crazy

(Think Progress) Syria’s current social unrest is, in the most direct sense, a reaction to a brutal and out-of-touch regime and a response to the political wave of change that began in Tunisia early last year. However, that’s not the whole story. The past few years have seen a number of significant social, economic, environmental and climatic changes in Syria that have eroded the social contract between citizen and government in the country, have strengthened the case for the opposition movement, and irreparably damaged the legitimacy of the al-Assad regime. If the international community, and future policy-makers in Syria, are to address and resolve the drivers of unrest in the country, these changes will have to be better explored and exposed.

So much of the rest of the wackadoodle post is about drought and shit that might happen in 20-30 years (see the end graphic added by Joe Romm. Could the climate play a part? Sure. But, the point is not that Earth changes, but, that you’re an evil person for driving a car and reading the TP article, which uses electricity. Think I’m kidding or over-doing it? Here’s an earlier TP post

In short, our weather has been poisoned by the fossil fuel industry, and every day more and more Americans know it, just by going outside.

So, weather started 40 years ago, because, damn you, you drove a car. I don’t see the Warmists giving up everything related to fossil fuels, though. Do you?

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4 Responses to “You People Who Drive Fossil Fueled Vehicles Are Partially Responsible For Syria “Unrest””

  1. Don O says:

    The unrest is directly tied to the fossil fuel debate. The left’s answer to fossil fuels has caused the world to become more dangerous and less stable. The riots in Tunisia started as a result of FOOD riots. These riots spread elsewhere are directly attributable to the ethanol subsidies causing rising food prices. The poorest in the world (the muslim nations go figure) were the most vulnerable to the increased cost of feeding their families. Every death in the middle east and the related effects on US security is the result of the lie that is global warming.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Good Point Don.

    Nearly every misery in this world can be laid at the feet of socialism and green proponents: energy deprivation, less personal freedom, and increasing food scarcity.

  3. Most definitely an excellent point, Don. Of course, you realize that the Warmists will simply say that it was all a response to anthropogenidiot climate change, though, and that Someone Else should be forced to purchase a moped to get to work.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Can you imagine our highways full of mopeds?

    We’d end up being like the illustrious and the uber-world power of Singapore.

    Can you imagine the Fast Action Terror Response Team whirring to your aid on their mob of mopeds?

    “I’m sorry ma’am. The ambulance can’t arrive to help your dying son. Their mopeds got stuck between the boards of the bridge while some were high-centered on the road’s ruts.”

    “How many did you send to our aid?”

    “The standard 25 for the ambulance crew. The ladder from the ladder company alone has 15.”

    “Well, ok then. At least you are not driving those evil SUV and large soot-producing trucks like they did before we became earth-friendly.”

    “Yes Ma’am. Once they extract themselves, they should be there in 2-3 days. Thank you for calling 911.”

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