OWS Is The Devil And Occupy Asheville

Heh! Proof Positive makes a revelation about the 99%ers from Occupy Parks And Stuff And Turn Them Into Cesspools

And over at The POH Diaries, we find out about Occupy Asheville, in my home state, and the freaks turned out

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13 Responses to “OWS Is The Devil And Occupy Asheville”

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  2. Adobe Walls says:

    Not as moonbatty as Atlanta. I wonder how many are street people anyway.

  3. david7134 says:

    Now the signs say they don’t like oppression. Yet what they are advocating is more oppression. Does that make sense to anyone?

    But if I were a kid, I would be down there as some of the women are hot.

  4. Its kinda like how all the anarchists run around pissed off because government is going to install……austerity plans with less government .

  5. captainfish says:

    “Hi, my name is Luna and I am a facilitator.”

    Yeah, we know what that means. Community agitator more like it. One who has absolutely no idea why she is there, what her purpose is, but she is paid to facilitate a democracy meeting.

    Notice, she says that everyone will get heard, but the facilitators will tell you what the message will be so everyone will be on the same page. HA.

    Use the bull-horn… ok.. guess not.

    oooooo.. hand signal training!!

    hahahhaa.. hot women??? ick. How many are wearing Kefiahs.

    A restroom working group. LOL We’ll add it to the agenda and talk about it.

    LOL>. “Food not bombs.” her name is ALOO?

    Non-violence activist facilitators??

    Their solar power idea is a bicycle generator?

    Media/Vibes working group? lolol

    OMG.. what do these people do during other times when they aren’t being crazy street people?!?!

  6. Jim in Asheville says:

    I attended several of these (and slept under the overpass with some of them in 40 degree weather.) As a Ron Paul Republican I wanted to see first hand what was going on, and what they believe, because I don’t believe the media (“right” or “left”) While we don’t agree on whether the “free market” is capitalism (as they see it), we defititely agree on the influence of corporate money in elections, corporate welfare (possibly related?) and the Federal Reserve’s undue influence on monitary policy (quantitative easing). NOT many fans of Obama there (or here). The “facilitators” unlike the “Delphi model” manipulators made the participants issues known and subject to a “consensus” vote with no apparent bias. (my input was even included) The hand signals once explaned (not all included in clip) was much more accessable to the general public than “Roberts Rules”and generally made the “General Assembly” go much smoother in meeting the groups needs. (and I got to say the free vegetarian soup was excellent) I will be back to discuss non-collectivist solutions in open debate with these folks instead of calling them names on a web site.

  7. Adobe Walls says:

    Who is in Asheville that they are protesting against? Protesting against banks and big business which are not necessarily the same is pointless. Bailing out banks doesn’t mean all Big business got bailed out. Demanding that the money folks stop corrupting the political process is a fools errand. It’s the political process that needs reforming not capitalism. These protesters should be in DC or maybe Raleigh. Even if they could bring down the corrupting capitalists there would be plenty more to take their place. After all as individuals all people are capitalists that’s why socialism fails every time.

  8. Jim in Asheville says:

    Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) and Bank of America are right across the street from where the video was taken. They want customers to close their accounts and use community credit unions instead. Government collaboration in creating corporate monopolies (eg. giving TARP money to banks to buy up smaller banks) was exactly my point in talking to them, that is not free market capitalism.

  9. Adobe Walls says:

    Smaller banks especially regional commercial banks who used to do most of the small to medium business lending would be great. The problem is financial reform and low interest is killing their ability to make enough profit. I recently closed an account I’d had since 73 at what is now Wachovia since I opened the account at a little two branch bank and trust it’s been bought at least three time prior to the merger with Wachovia. I don’t keep my money in a bank now, the Bolsheviks might steal it.

    Protesting at branch offices of the big banks won’t stop the corruption there are just too many of them. Stopping the 535 congress critters making the crony deals is a much more manageable numbers. As a Ron Paul Republican I’m sure you’d agree that smaller government would be the best course to eliminate wasteful spending and cronyism. I don’t think most of the OWS folks are demanding smaller government.

  10. Jim in Asheville says:

    Community credit unions operate like most people mistakenly believe all banks do; they loan depositors money, not using depositors money as a 10% reserve requirement to create 9 times the amount of money as debt, repayable at interest. hard to make money that way, so the credit unions would have to be pretty sure the loan was collectable before lending, something the Federal Reserve crooks were not as concerned about because they could resell packaged loan receivables as derivative “investments”. Removing customers deposits from Fed. banks removes the leverage these deposits have as reserves. Don’t think My message to the OW gang is not eliminating government excess (like fraudulent wars) and many of them know about Ron Paul, however finding candidates that are not partisan posers who while advocating for “change” only offer more of the same once elected is a dificult endeavor when legal fictions can spend unlimited funds as “speach” to support the status quo.

  11. Adobe Walls says:

    Corporations are people and have just a much free speech as any individual, union, environmental advocacy group etc. A special interest is a special interest is a special interest. As it stands now government employee unions are allowed to contribute directly to campaigns their sole function is to launder tax dollars into Social Democratic campaign funds.
    It doesn’t matter whether a bank is a credit union or a regional commercial or farmers and mechanics bank, at zero or near zero interest they can’t make any money on loans. That’s why credit is unavailable to small and medium businesses. Taking depositors money out of banks doesn’t matter as long as large institutions can borrow from the fed at almost no cost. Derivatives are as good or as bad as the the underlying instruments. Mortgage backed derivatives were perfectly stable until people stopped paying the mortgages they were composed of. The financial crises and the bubble that caused it was entirely the fault of the governments intervention in the market. These people who are protesting are looking for big government solutions to the problems big government creates. This is compound failure on compound failure.
    That the first example of wasteful spending and apparently most significant in your mind is defense spending is most telling. I’d vote to make Ron Paul fed chairman in a heartbeat, making him president would be insanely suicidal. Have fun teaching the beatniks about credit unions. Camping in a park through out the winter in Asheville or NYC should be fun, have you had a flu shot?

  12. Jim in Asheville says:

    Corporations ARE NOT people other than as legal fictions,same for unions,environmentalists.etc. we can thank the 14th amendment for creating another (inferior) class of “citizens” (Cruikshank vs US) with NO inalienable rights that now includes “persons” not living, breathing humans. Fed. banks don’t have to loan as long as they can “earn” interest from “excess” reserves deposited in the Federal Reserve system. Mortgage backed securities were “perfectly stable” until banks encouraged borrowers to LIE on their ability to repay, while the rating agencies LIED about the risk involved in these “investments”. I would agree that bad policy decisions encouraged bad investment (and the resulting market distortions), and that some of the OW folks blame the over simplistic “capitalism” (not Fascistic government/corporate collusion) source of their problems. Ron Paul as Fed Chair? Have you ever LISTENED to the man?, he wants to ABOLISH the Fed.I don’t have to teach the “beatnicks” about credit unions, they already know, Hope you’re enjoying your devaluing Fed NOTES (debt) maybe former K.C. Fed Chair Cain will engage in enough wars to promote prosperity, and you can keep your thimerisol (mercury) laden flu shot maybe they will break their losing streak and correctly GUESS which strain will be most prominent. I will be Working, enjoying my wood stove,and trying to influence the electorate to choose a path that does not lead to the deliberate destruction of the Republic in favor of an oligarchy controlling the lives of the once sovereign citizens.

  13. Adobe Walls says:

    Ron Paul would make an excellent Fed Chair. We need Department and Agency heads who are openly hostile to or at least deeply suspicious of the tasks that their agencies are dedicated to. Obviously DoD and State would be exempt from this. We need Department heads who throw nickels around like manhole covers.

    All of the malfeasance you ascribe to the banks is the fault of the Social Democrats. They leaned on the banks to make these loans. Once a mortgage banks capital has been loaned out in the form of mortgages they had to sell those mortgages to bigger banks in order to keep making loans which the government insisted they must continue doing so everyone no matter how humble could own a home. This was social policy. To encourage this lending the government promised to backstop these social loans. Once they did that it was off to the races. The government insisted that the Banks believe the LIEs told by unqualified home-buyers. To question those LIEs would have been raaaaacist. Once the government promised to backstop the investment banks they had nothing to lose. They were bailed out when the Mexican debt crises popped up in the 90s and when the Russian Dept crises popped up etc. Bad policy didn’t encourage bad investments the government demanded it, in part because Frank, Dodd and Waters don’t know what investments are let alone the difference between good or bad ones. They think investments are government spending.

    Wall street’s large Investment banks are guilty of hubris and lack of due diligence but what the hell they’d been told not to worry about it so they didn’t. As for Cruikshank vs US, I fail to see any connection to whether or not corporations are people or not but declaring them so was obviously correct. Unless one is prepared to dispute the right to unionize they are people too. I assume you are asserting that Cruikshank vs US deprived someone of their person-hood, which is incorrect. The part of the ruling that asserted that the federal government had no jurisdiction to enforce the first and second amendment against the states was incorrect but the dissenting opinion appears to be correct assuming the indictments were indeed “too vague”. The unfortunate consequences of this decision do not make the ruling incorrect constitutionally. Your assertion that the ruling created an inferior class of people is just silly.

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