And The Winner Of The Tropical Storm Lee Linked To Globull Warming Competition Is….

The UK Guardian! Congratulations on your moonbattery on being 1st!

Hurricane threat forces BP to shut down Gulf of Mexico platforms

Say, Terry Macalister? It’s a Tropical Storm. The current forecasted maximum winds for Lee are 65mph. Nothing to sneeze out, but, short of the barest of hurricanes. Most stories aren’t even bothering to mention the wind speeds, instead focusing on the associated rain (which is definitely not something to ignore, folks. Most hurricane deaths come from the water, in particular, drowning).

Anyhow, here we go

Hurricane Irene hit the US east coast over the weekend, killing at least 40 people, while a second hurricane, Katia, is already gathering in the Atlantic. Climatologists say global warming could be making these storms more frequent.

Um, right, sure thing, Sparky. Consider the paragraph 2 before the above

The storm – which will be named Lee if it turns into a hurricane – is likely to cause torrential rain and coastal flooding from the Florida panhandle to Texas, said the hurricane centre’s director, Bill Read.

Hey, Terry? It’s already named Lee, because it became a tropical storm. Tropical storms get named. Hence the reason it’s called “Tropical Storm Lee.” Besides, didn’t you say it was a hurricane in your headline?

Now, if those discussing the potential for “climate change” to make storms more frequent can’t even get that right….. Besides, it was over 1,076 days between US landfalling hurricanes, the longest stretch since the Civil War era. And some might quibble that Irene wasn’t really a hurricane.

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2 Responses to “And The Winner Of The Tropical Storm Lee Linked To Globull Warming Competition Is….”

  1. Word says:

    limatologists say global warming could be making these storms more frequent.

    From a paper published by none other then Michael Mann himself:

    Both hurricane reconstructions indicate similar overall patterns and both indicate a high period of hurricane activity during the Medieval Climate Anomaly around AD 900 to 1100.

    “We are at levels now that are about as high as anything we have seen in the past 1,000 years,” said Mann.

    In other words the highest amount of hurricanes based upon conjecture and a study of overwashed sediments in protected basins and computer modelling…… the hurricanes of the last 100 years are not so abnormal after all and are not so FREQUENT after all.

    However hide this report….climatologists say they will get more severe and by default be the result of mankind spewing co2 into the air.


  2. captainfish says:

    what I like, is once again, everyone is freaking out. Drudge hyped a headline suggesting upwards of 20 inches could rake Louisiana. Yet, I think they only got around 10-12 inches… and then it stopped even though the storm was still rolling through the area. It even gave nice rain to parts of SE Texas that still had Fire Warnings up.

    Please tell me, is it really unusual for the Gulf Coast to experience tropical storm rains?!?!?!!??!

    Isn’t their a bayou and swamps down there for a reason?!?!

    It’s a friggin tropical storm!!! That’s like having Oklahoma and Kansas freak out and declare statewide emergencies BEFORE a large storm cell rolls through the area.

    HELLO?!?!?!? We are used to them. We only issue emergencies after a bad tornado rips through our neighborhoods.. not before a rain storm gives us much needed rain.

    Currently, the storm center is SW of New Orleans and there are just feeder storms coming off of it. They are also claiming 50 mph winds, when most I’ve seen recorded are about 35mph.

    Get a grip people.

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