Jon Huntsman’s Path To Losing Primaries Goes Through Independents

Why does Jon Huntsman even matter enough for a post, you ask? Well, he is the Liberal Old Media’s preferred GOP frontrunner and general election nominee. Getting past the issue of Huntsman family donations to Harry Reid, the Politico tells us that Huntsman sees independents as key

Jon Huntsman sketched out a path to the Republican nomination Wednesday that transcends ” the conservative base in key early states, an exercise in needle-threading that hinges on his ability to capture a large swath of independent voters.

In an interview with POLITICO, Huntsman made clear that he plans to capitalize on election rules in New Hampshire and South Carolina that allow independent voters to cast ballots in the GOP presidential primary.

Well, there’s a great plan: ignore the majority of Republican voters, who make up the majority of the primary voters, and go for that small minority who are independents….but, what about the other states, Jon, where one must be a registered Republican in order to vote? This should really swell your campaign war chest, Jon.

The former Utah governor’s strategy is an attempt to make a virtue out of necessity. His moderate positions on the environment, immigration and civil unions —and his time as Barack Obama’s ambassador to China—are formidable obstacles to victory in a party where the energy is concentrated in the conservative core.

But, hey, forget them. Let’s go for those independents, who usually get revved up not for the primaries, but for the general election.

Later in the day, John Weaver, Huntsman’s chief strategist, sought to clarify the ex-governor’s intentions by saying: “We intend to do well, in New Hampshire and South Carolina and Florida, among Republicans – and every indication that we have, early on, is that we will do so. Now, the fact that a candidate can attract independent votes is a good indication that they can be more viable in a general election. And at the end of the day, this is about beating Barack Obama. But our goal is to do well – extremely well – among Republicans.”

The only Republicans he will garner will be the squishy ones, the RINO’s, the “30 years ago would have been Democrats before the Democrat Party went complete barking moonbat”. The ones who complain about everything Conservative and Republican (like at Outside the Beltway), and rarely go after Democrats. The ones who take Democrats at their word, and like their plans. The ones who become unhinged at the mere mention of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann’s names. Those are the voters Huntsman is going to attempt to attract. And he will do this by not attacking his former boss, Barack Obama.

In a further distancing act, Huntsman said Senate Republicans were making a mistake by refusing to negotiate on taxes and subsidies as part of raising the debt ceiling talks.

Oh, good, he’s not adverse to tax increases. The perfect Republican! /sarc off.

Keep your eye on Huntsman and the way he is position by the media and squishy Republicans. A Huntsman presidency would be a disaster for the GOP.

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3 Responses to “Jon Huntsman’s Path To Losing Primaries Goes Through Independents”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    I also noticed the “pro-push” Huntsman was receiving from the old MSM. They’re trying to pull off another McCain-type loss for the GOP: convince Republicans that he’s greatly admired and respected and then drag him through the dirt once he has secured the nomination.

    Sorry, folks, been there, done that! Hopefully, we’re a little smarter this go round.

  2. david7134 says:

    This is an example of how we are fooled on thinking we have any freedom left. We are supposed to have freedom of election. But here is the concept that all we have to chose from is either a Republican or a Democrat with the same agenda.

    That is why I think support should go to people like Paul. I know many don’t like him, but at least he is not out of the elite.

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