Eviroweenies To Take Unnecessary Fossil Fueled Trips To Protest Obama Fossil Fuel Policy

You do have to truly love the hypocrisy: Environmentalists, liberal celebrities plan White House protest

A group of environmentalists and liberal celebrities are organizing civil disobedience protests at the White House against a proposed oil pipeline — with the emphasis on “civil.”

In an open letter, actor Danny Glover, activists Bill McKibben, James Hansen, David Suzuki and others ask for volunteers willing to risk arrest at the White House from mid-August to Labor Day

But they don’t want downtown Washington to look like Vancouver after the Stanley Cup Finals.

No, but they’ll probably leave it looking like the rest of their rallies, such as Obama’s coronation, the Wisconsin protests, and the One Nation gathering.

But, what are they protesting?

At issue is the proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline that would run from the Canadian oil — or tar — sands to the Gulf coast. Environmentalists have lobbyied against it because of concerns over the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions linked to the use of oil sands-based crude oil, as well as worries about potential spills and the impact on low-income and minority communities.

So, they’re protesting a type of oil, and they are getting to D.C. how, exactly? You know the celebs will take private jets and limos. I suggest they all ride bikes from wherever they are coming from. Put their money where their mouths are.

PS: Shouldn’t Hansen be fired for using his position as a government employee in this manner, especially if he gets himself arrested?

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One Response to “Eviroweenies To Take Unnecessary Fossil Fueled Trips To Protest Obama Fossil Fuel Policy”

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    Yeah, they will leave it trashed just like everywhere else. Compare that to how the Glen Beck rally looked after it was over – immaculate.

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