Democrats Flailing Around For A Jobs Policy Heading Into 2012

Wait, wasn’t that what the political payback legislation, known as “Stimulus”, was supposed to do? Create jobs? And all the follow-up legislation? The “green jobs” initiatives? Even ObamaCare was billed as a jobs creator. None of which worked, and, it seems, made things worse, so Democrats eye new jobs agenda

Senate Democrats are beginning to fear that the country’s increasingly dim economic outlook will cost them their seats in 2012 and are trying to craft a new agenda aimed at spurring job creation.

They aren’t worried about actual jobs, they are just worried about maintaining power in the Senate.

While there is no shortage of ideas of what a plan could include — from a payroll tax holiday to increased infrastructure spending — Democrats haven’t settled on the details or whether to craft one large package or push through a series of narrow measures. They’re also unsure how to sell their plans to the public or how to engage Senate Republicans.

“There’s no easy answer to this,” Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told POLITICO.

Sure there is: make the 2001/2003 tax cuts permanent. Stopping yammering about raising taxes on the small businesses that create jobs. Repeal ObamaCare. Repeal all sorts of heavy handed regulations that stifle business and job creation. Repeal ObamaCare. Reduce federal spending, along with spending federal money wisely. Repeal ObamaCare. Stop trying to help by passing new legislation.

Fearing the economy may be getting worse, Democrats plan to soon unveil what they’ll call a “Jobs First” agenda — and the stakes are high. A bleak economic outlook, like the May jobs report, could cost Democrats their thin Senate majority and even the White House if they can’t make a strong case to an anxious electorate that their policies will create jobs.

So, they haven’t actually been focusing on “job’s first” over the last few years? Anyhow, it’s rather difficult to make the case to the “anxious electorate” that their policies work, when they were utter failures during the time when Democrats held Congress and the White House. The talking point about things being much worse without all the legislative idiocy hasn’t gained traction.

What ideas are Democrats throwing around  to maybe possibly do? Short term payroll tax breaks (which didn’t work to well in 2009/2010). More infrastructure spending (because painting bridges and repaving roads is just what all the white collar workers need). Change visas to boost tourism. “An expansion of tax credits for research and development and manufacturing, bolstering green energy technology, funding more infrastructure and offering more job-training opportunities.” Teaching someone to do a job doesn’t really help when the jobs do not exist.

Indeed, as pessimism about the economy has grown and as the high jobless rate remains President Barack Obama’s biggest vulnerability ahead of next year’s elections, Democrats sense a new urgency to find their way out of a political jam. After an unprecedented government intervention into the economy in 2008 with the Wall Street bailout and 2009 with the economic stimulus plan, it’s unclear what else Congress can do to turn around an unemployment rate that continues to hover around 9 percent — especially when the two parties remain sharply at odds.

Unclear, huh? Perhaps give up the idiotic Keynesian policies. Spending has done nothing but extend the misery. And give up the notion that wealth is created from the bottom up. People with no money cannot create jobs. Trickle up is a Liberal bad joke. Much like most of Obama and the Democrat’s economic policies.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Flailing Around For A Jobs Policy Heading Into 2012”

  1. Word says:

    “””They aren’t worried about actual jobs, they are just worried about maintaining power in the Senate.”””!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To Quote You^^^

    ……there are no more powerful and true Words of the day then these…

  2. captainfish says:

    especially when the two parties remain sharply at odds.

    Ummm… I don’t see the main blocks of either party that far off? Has the R’s done much to push a job agenda? What have they done? Have they pushed through tax reform? Have they voted in Ryan’s tax plan, or any plan? (if they have I retract). I know the Rs have voted to kill parts of ObamaCare and defund most of it, but have they work on other issues?

    Have they voted to restrict the EPA? The DOE? The DofEd? Have they enacted legislation to not give money to foreign dictators? Have they opened up ANWR or offshore drilling or increased on-shore drilling?

    Have they done anything to promote more oil exploration? More Gasoline production? Have they done anything to reduce government regulation? Have they moved to enact legislation to allow states to assist in immigration enforcement? Have they moved forward with tort reform and medical malpractice awards? Have they changed to loser-pays? Have they changed the law so that 3rd party lawsuits are paid by 3rd party and not the government?

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