Canada Bails On Kyoto Extension

The house of climate change hoax cards continues to collapse

Canada confirmed on Wednesday that it would not support an extended Kyoto Protocol after 2012, joining Japan and Russia in rejecting a new round of the climate emissions pact.


Canada has also previously said it could not achieve the binding emissions cuts it has committed to under the first round of Kyoto up to 2012, infuriating environmentalists and developing countries.

Which is pretty much the case with most countries that signed on to Kyoto.

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8 Responses to “Canada Bails On Kyoto Extension”

  1. Kevin says:

    Well DAMMIT! If Canada won’t join in, then I’m not either.

  2. Kevin says:

    Please edit the first quote to say, “… joining Japan, Russia, and Kevin in rejecting a new round of the climate emissions pact.”


  3. captainfish says:

    hahahahahaahahahahaha Kevin. you crack me up.

    I was going to say something along the lines of… Now that Canada has bailed, will the world attack them like the Libs attacked the US for its refusal to join? Even though it was as much of the Dems who voted no as it was the Repubs?

    Oh well. As NMP-Obama has said over and over. The US needs to go it alone. We will be the corrupted stain upon that rotting hill if no other will go up first.

    Thus, NMP-Obama will impose the UN mandates, Kyoto, and Muslim anti-capitalism and anti-corporation protocols upon America boldly and single-handedly.

  4. Kevin says:

    I agree with the captain. Obama is a huge douchebag.

  5. gfchicago says:

    HAHAHAHAH too funny!

  6. Word says:

    President Bush and the rational capitalist that still existed in America when the Kyoto was first introduced realized the severe limitations it would put on the developed countries.

    Countries like Canada and Japan gave into their envirowhackos who have somehow become convinced that CO2 is the cause of global warming. Reducing CO2 emissions will of course solve all the worlds problems.

    Believe it or not the reduction in CO2 actually has an upside which the envirowhackos subscribe to.

    The increase in food production rather then the use of said food sources for fuel. The decrease in population because of the decrease in jobs created by a world that derives its one true trading resource and economic driver………carbon fuels.

    Reduction in co2 for many in the envirowhacko movement is about wealth redistribution, but for many others it is a sustainable way to drive the world population down by hindering economic development of both developed and undeveloped countries.

    In the grand scheme of things the Kyoto protocol on its face was a rather responsible step taken by the world to ensure stewardship of mother nature. But in reality it was simply an irresponsible step taken by nations to do……..


    WHAT IT IS NOW DOING………..????


    Kyoto and sincere attempts by all nations to comply with Kyoto is one of the main drivers in why this recession just might linger for a decade.

    And that is my Word of the Day.

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  8. Stix says:

    ROFLMAO Even Canada is bailing on this huge money scheme.

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