Whoops! Wind Turbines Kill Protected Golden Eagles

Ain’t it funny how liberal policies to protect Gaia tend to have ironic consequences?

Scores of protected golden eagles have been dying each year after colliding with the blades of about 5,000 wind turbines along the ridgelines of the Bay Area’s Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area, raising troubling questions about the state’s push for alternative power sources.

The death count, averaging 67 a year for three decades, worries field biologists because the turbines, which have been providing thousands of homes with emissions-free electricity since the 1980s, lie within a region of rolling grasslands and riparian canyons containing one of the highest densities of nesting golden eagles in the United States.

“It would take 167 pairs of local nesting golden eagles to produce enough young to compensate for their mortality rate related to wind energy production,” said field biologist Doug Bell, manager of East Bay Regional Park District’s wildlife program. “We only have 60 pairs.”

Good job, enviroweenies!

H/t CaptainFish

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6 Responses to “Whoops! Wind Turbines Kill Protected Golden Eagles”

  1. SoCal Pir8 says:

    What did the enviromental impact study show? Save the eagles!! Stop the blades!!!

  2. captainfish says:

    Doubt there was ever an EIC done. It was probably waived for “green” projects. Can’t have those onerous laws in the way of progress.

    WHo cares if they kill something else we spent billions trying to protect and recover. POLITICS MATTER MORE.

    But, you gotta laugh at their hypocrisy.

    We demand wind power!
    (Just not in our backyard or in liberal districts)

    We demand solar!
    (Just not where it matters or to shade the hot desert)

    We demand super-duper protection from oil pipelines!
    (Just ignore that species are growing wherever the AK Pipeline is.

    We demand clean energy!
    (Just not solar, wind, nuclear, water)
    (Well, just don’t use energy at all. Well, just don’t live at all. Preserve GAIA – Kill Yourselves! (well, not us tho))

  3. gitarcarver says:

    A couple of weeks ago, the UN released an executive summary on “renewable energies.” They concluded that the size of wind turbines will grow and that in 10 years 750 tall turbines will be the norm.

    That is as tall as a 75 story building.

  4. Trish says:

    Survival of the fittest? If the eagles don’t learn to keep away from all things liberal, then perhaps it’s time they depart this world.
    75 foot wind turbines you say git? OMG, am I glad I am not the one climbing up to clean out bird, rather, eagle guts from them when they come to a screeching halt.

    Passing a wind farm about 8 years ago in central CA one time, that was completely idle, my bro-in-law told me; they can’t keep them running because birds damage them and then something happens to the whole slew of turbines/power, and they have to shut them down until repairs on the one are done.
    I am certain, well maybe not, that they have come up with a better system by now, but they are proof that alternative energy is not ready for human consumption. But eagles are.

  5. It would probably be more economical to use Liberal Squeezings as a fuel source. Fortunately, by doing that, we would soon run out of liberals.

  6. Trish says:

    I like the idea of non-renewable liberals Teach, let’s work on that!

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