Liberal Bummer: Obama Can’t Do Anything To Fix Economy In Short Term

News for liberals: he hasn’t been able to do anything in the long term, either. He’s had over two years. He had a compliant Congress for the first half of his term. What they’ve done hasn’t worked. But, of course, what the Liberals are worried about is not an actually better economy, but, an economy that appears to be better, what with the 2012 elections coming up: What can Barack Obama do to fix the economy? Not much

President Barack Obama is heading into his reelection campaign with a flagging economy that appears incapable of producing the sustained job growth needed to push unemployment below crisis levels.

And there appears to be very little he can do about it, at least in the short term.

See? It’s more about the elections to the Left then about getting the economy going and getting people back to work. Obama’s general idea on how to accomplish this is to give a speech and tell people to “get ‘er done!” I wish someone had said before the election that a guy with limited real world experience, no executive experience, and who ducked tough votes would have a difficult time being POTUS.

Here are five reasons Obama won’t be able to do much but hope and pray that this month’s dismal jobs report — which showed the economy created just 54,000 jobs in May — was a blip driven by transient factors, including the Japanese earthquake that disrupted manufacturing and temporarily high food and gas prices that spooked consumers and drained wallets.

See? It’s not Obama’s Fault, it’s something else. The earthquake. Months ago. As far as food and gas prices go, food has been going up for quite some time now, and gas has been steadily rising for almost a year. To use the left’s words “who’s president?”

Those 5 are

  1. No new stimulus: Because this worked so well previously.
  2. Housing in the tank: the stimulus didn’t help on this, nor did the other Dem programs.
  3. No driver of stronger growth: everything Obama and the Dems did was aimed at government, not the private sector, which Obama and the Dems seem to be hostile to
  4. No clear path to deficit reduction: sure there is – stop spending so damned much. The simplest concepts always seem to elude liberals.
  5. No big tax cuts: Obama wants tax increases, which we hit those who create jobs and move the economy. We don’t necessarily need tax cuts, except for the corporate rates. We need to make the 2001/2003 cuts permanent. The 2 year extension did not help create stability. It just put the pain off for 2 years.


“The president can improve the jobs environment short term, but I don’t think he will,” said Matt McDonald of Hamilton Place Strategies, an adviser to the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “At a basic level, there needs to be more certainty for job creators, and a view that the U.S. has a long-term plan to deal with the debt. But the economic strategy they are left with at this point is the same as their campaign strategy: hope.”

Pretty much.

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8 Responses to “Liberal Bummer: Obama Can’t Do Anything To Fix Economy In Short Term”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    I find great irony in that McDonald’s, long the target of Michelle Obama and other food nanny-staters, created over half the jobs last month:

  2. Word says:

    Funny. I seem to recall that Obama has been president for 2.5 years now.

    Every recession only lasts 15 months on average.

    We are now 30 months and counting with no relief in sight.

    This man cannot cure this recession and if America wants things to continue like they are then vote for Obama.

    Obama cant fix it. He keeps blaming GWB. The press keeps reminding us that he INHERITED the mess.

    Bush INHERITED A MESS FROM CLINTON and in one year……………[email protected]!

    Reagan INHERITED A MESS FROM CARTER and in 19 months…………[email protected]!

    Obama keeps telling us how hard it is to be president…..I agree it is hard. He should resign for the good of us ALL!!!!

  3. captainfish says:


    Obama over the last few days has come out and stated that we need to live within our means again. We need to quit spending so much. We need to have a shared sacrifice. We need to work together to find common goals.

    Blah blah blah blah blah….

    He’s restarting his 2008 campaign over again. Surely the idiots on the left and the braindead in the middle can see through this shat?

    HE’S the one demanding more spending. HE’S the one demanding increasing debt due to foreign payments. HE’S the one causing prices to continue to rise by using food as fuel and blocking expansion of petroleum access.

    He’s the one that refuses to see reality. He can’t be bothered with it while he is on the golf course. People dying? Don’t bother my swing!!

    I bet he is even totally oblivious to what is going on in USA, let alone world. He didn’t speak about Missouri till a week after and only then made it a campaign stop.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    He’s restarting his 2008 campaign over again.

    No he’s not. He never stopped campaigning. That’s the problem. He has always been “candidate Obama,” but never “President Obama.”

    He has never gotten away from speech-ifying to actually leading the country.

  5. david7134 says:

    Would you start a new company in this country or consider hiring anyone? I wouldn’t. Obama is so unstable that you don’t know what he will take over, out law, defund or what. Also, there is the concept of Obamacare, who wants to have an employee with that over their heads?

  6. Adobe Walls says:

    Among the many lies the nitwits insist on trying to sell us is that 2.1 million new jobs have been created. How many of these are government jobs. Using that 2.1 million jobs number divided by 27 months since the stimulus passed averages just under 78 thousand per month. Doesn’t it take 150 thousand per month just to keep up with new workers?

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  8. It is plain to see. Obama cannot really do anything anymore. The decisions and policies of his administration only made matters worse for the economy and most of all for the American people. It is such a hopeless situation but there can still be hope when good leaders arise from this crisis.

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