Bristol Bans Sarah From New Arizona Home

Sad, sad, sad news, brought to us by a “Daily Mail Reporter

Perhaps moving all the way to Arizona from Alaska was a hint.

Bristol Palin has reportedly banned her mother Sarah from her new house in Maricopa because she is too controlling – and too conservative.

The 20-year-old has become increasingly liberal since her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, and is said to have had a huge row with Mrs Palin when she announced she was considering supporting gay marriage.

Well, that seems like a big kerfuffle….oh, wait

According to the National Enquirer, she has told her mother to stay out of her house until she accepts her new views – which Mrs Palin is worried could harm her own political ambitions.

It’s no wonder no one actually wanted to put their name to this story.

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3 Responses to “Bristol Bans Sarah From New Arizona Home”

  1. Black Sabbath says:

    In other news, Malia Obama discovered with secret copy of “God and Man at Yale” under her pillow…

  2. Can you imagine how long she’d be grounded for if they found a copy of Atlas Shrugged or, even worse, the US Constitution?

  3. captainfish says:

    gasp. maybe lead to a disownment.

    I am waiting for the Bristol is having Sarah’s second baby story.

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