TSA Frisks Eight Year Old Boy

Hot on the heals of the 6 year old being searched by TSA, we get this story

Pictures have emerged of an 8-year-old boy on a family trip to Disneyland being full body searched by TSA agents at airport security.

Spencer Sheahan was pulled aside and searched by a burly TSA agent at Portland International airport as the family made their way to Disneyland last week.

There are pictures and video

It is beyond high time for Congress and the President to reign in the TSA and this idiocy. Look, I don’t blame Obama personally, but, as the Chief Executive, he needs to step in. And the GOP led House needs to hold hearings, and write some new legislative guidelines.

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4 Responses to “TSA Frisks Eight Year Old Boy”

  1. david7134 says:

    This does make me feel secure when I am flying. I am secure in the knowledge that I have gotten on the plane by going through an illegal, dangerous search that will not stop any terrorist. So I am secure in knowing that when old Bin decides to repeat 9/11, he will not have the least amount of difficulty in caring it off. In the mean time, we continue our plung into socialism and tyranny.

    Talked with several people yesterday as they discussed their trips to Europe. The overwhelming response is that we no longer live in a free country when you compare other countries to ours.

  2. Black Sabbath says:

    Obama will never step in. This is what he wants. A docile populace. Because a timid populace is an unresponsive populace. And then you can push any legislation you want down their throats.
    TSA has been very successful to that end. Forcing us to stand and act like sheep while they go through this nonsense every single hour of every day. The longer this goes on, the weaker our will becomes to resist.

  3. Excellent points, Gents!

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