Russia Wants Shared Control Of Our Missile Defense….WTF?

Talk about some huzzpah

Sergey Ivanov, Russia’s deputy prime minister, made the controversial demand during a visit to the United States where he met with top officials including Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State.

“In practical terms, that means that our office will sit for example in Brussels and agree on a red-button push to launch an interceptor missile, regardless of whether the missile is launched from Poland, Russia or the UK.”

“We insist on only one thing,” he said of the nascent US-backed missile defence shield. “That we are an equal part of it.”

Via Ace who writes

What a farce. How absurd they should even ask.

But then, look who’s running the show. They’ve taken his measure and they can smell the weakness and failure on him.

Sadly, Obama’s Liberal surrender monkey base probably agree with Ivanov.

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4 Responses to “Russia Wants Shared Control Of Our Missile Defense….WTF?”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    In that the Obama administration is sharing technical details with the Russians, how is this demand far behind?

    Anyone notice a pattern here?

    When Clinton was president, we gave classified weapons information to the Chinese. With Obama president, we are giving weapons information to the Russians.

    What do those two presidents have in common?


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  3. Mike says:

    Why don’t we just give them the codes for our nuclear arsenal while we’re at it.

  4. DavidD says:

    Oh, why don’t we just roll over and surrender now? Why’d we even bother fighting WWII–or the Revolutionary War?

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