How The Smartest Man In The World Got Rolled By Wall Street

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how liberals/Democrats are supposed to be smarter than everyone else, yet, are continuously getting rolled. Remember the talking point about how Democrats were “misled” by Bush regarding Iraq? Nancy Pelosi and Co. were misled by the CIA. They were misled by Roberts and Alito. They underestimated the economic conditions. And so many other times they just didn’t get it, such as the opposition to ObamaCare and the Porkulus. Of course, we were told that Obama was the smartest man ever, yet, prior to the headline being changed in the story, but can be seen on the main page and in the URL, we had

How Obama Got Rolled By Wall Street

a long article showing just how incompetent, clueless, and weak Obama and those in his administration are.

Certainly, Obama is not to blame in full for the economic conditions that caused the recession, yet, since he took office and started his Big Adventure, he and his administration, along with the Congressional Democrats, deserve a majority portion of the blame for the current conditions.

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3 Responses to “How The Smartest Man In The World Got Rolled By Wall Street”

  1. Otter says:

    Hmmm. We need a top-of-his-class truck driver to come in and explain this massive FAILURE to us.

    Any takers?

  2. John Ryan says:

    Sure Otter my little furry sex freak stalker An easy explanation is that way way too many Americans believed that President Bush would not lie or exaggerate reasons for forcing us to go to war with a country that had not attacked us. I will say that I never did believe the nuclear component of the WMD in Iraq BUT I did believe him when he lied about the biologic and chemical parts, especially the biological warfare parts. Of course now a VAST majority of Americans believe that war was a horrible mistake. And Otter will you be posting any pics for us of you dressing up in your Halloween costume ? That should be good for a laugh !
    OTTER 578 up, 89 down
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    I had to look that one up, I actually had no idea what I would find

  3. captainfish says:

    Hey Johhny,
    Take a look at this.

    Why bury mobile-laba meant for chemical warfare use near a weapons factory? hmm. You think they were making baby powder?

    I don’t care if we didn’t find anything there. Either we got to them before they could, or after they moved it. Either way, it was a good war to take.

    And no johnny, when the WORLD attacked Iraq, it was not about whether they attacked us on 9/11 or not. There was nothing in the reasons listed of “they attacked us first”.

    AS THE WORLD AGREED, it was about possible WMD (especially because he had used them before on his own people) and continuous failure to follow UN rules… that people on the Left like you insist the world submit to.

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