AGW Today: Small Mammals Threatened

They just won’t give up. I admire their tenacity, but, then again, the members of Jim Jones’ cult had quite a bit of tenacity, too

The biodiversity of small mammals in North America may already be close to a “tipping point” causing impacts “up and down the food chain” according to a new study by U.S. scientists.

There’s that very scientific word “may” again.

Examining fossils excavated from a cave in Northern California, biologists from Stanford University, California uncovered evidence that small mammal populations were severely depleted during the last episode of global warming around 12,000 years ago.

Say, I wonder why we had that period of global warming 12K years ago? The depletion couldn’t have been caused by that Ice Age which ended about 12K years ago, could it?

“The temperature change over the next hundred years is expected to be greater than the temperature that most of the mammals that are on the landscape have yet witnessed as a species,” Hadly said in a statement.

Funny, all the scientists and shows about the end of the dinosaurs talk about it being really, really hot from the killer asteroid, and small mammals being the ones to survive. If they can’t take a bit of warming, perhaps they will just be victims of Darwinism, eh? You alarmists DO still believe in the Theory Of Evolution, survival of the fittest, and such, right? RIGHT?

“The small-mammal community that we have is really resilient, but it is headed toward a perturbation that is bigger than anything it has seen in the last million years.” she added.

Got, you know, actual proof? Isn’t science supposed to be about facts, not reading tea leaves after a few micro-dots?

Basically, the new push for AGW regulations is being done under the banner of “bio-diversity,” since they know the previous methods have been collapsing. They really couldn’t care less about the environment: they care about control and $$$$$. Different eco scare, same solutions.

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One Response to “AGW Today: Small Mammals Threatened”

  1. Otter says:

    Except it was Warmer during the WMP.

    Even warmer than that during the RMP.

    Even warmer than THAT during the Minoan MP.

    Even warmer…. but hey, only educated people care about the Truth.


    And German Health care is going down the tubes, Rapidly.

    And Petraeus did not say what ‘lil LYING johnnie claims he said.

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