USA Today Provides The Duck And Cover For Obama

It appears as if MSM worship of Obama has now trended towards excuse making. Not that they haven’t been doing that all along, but, as they watch their artificially created Messiah flounder and fail, much like Howard The Duck at the box office, they are in full on duck and cover mode: Obama’s hopes for health care and climate bills — at the mercy of others

Two of President Obama’s biggest issues — health care and climate change — are now at the mercy of negotiations involving many different players and many different views.

See, this is the difference between a leader and a demagogue. A leader would, you know, lead. Obama just makes speeches and expects everyone to do what he says, then has hissy fits and blames everyone else when he fails. Bush led. Clinton led. So did Bush 41 and Reagan. Heck, even Carter tried to lead. Obama has outsourced the majority of his agenda out to others, standing back, trying to look cool, and then sending his peeps, and sometimes himself, out to threaten dissenters.

Of course, as has been said and written time and time again, it’s helpful when a person is elected to the office of the President who has some actual experience leading people. Obama has been thrown into the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a tiny raft, and the sharks are circling.

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