Gates Half-Irish, Related To Officer Crowley

Here we have the Credentialed Media digging for their OMG, we’re all one world! story

Henry Louis Gates Jr., the black professor at the center of the racial story involving his arrest outside his Harvard University-owned house, has spoken proudly of his Irish roots.

Strangely enough, he and the Cambridge, Mass., police officer who arrested him, Sgt. James Crowley, both trace their ancestry back to the legendary Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Isn’t it ironic, as the story points out later on? What are the chances they are sorta somewhat related? But, it gives the media a good chance to discuss slavery and how evil white men are.

If only the media spent as much time researching Obama’s stances during the campaign and since he took office, instead of worshiping at the alter of That One. If only the media had spent any time debunking the Truthers. If only the media would have asked why John Kerry never released his full military records. If only the media asked one simple question: why won’t Obama release his actual long for certificate of birth.

Meanwhile, as Doug Powers, posting over at Michelle Malkin points out, all of a sudden, the Generational Theft Act is going to give money to support law enforcement. Funny how this use of the funds only happens after the President insults a police department.

And for your “I wonder if libs will complain about this the same way they whined about Bush supposedly doing it” story

The White House has taken on a wider role in forming a backup government in case a crisis forces officials to leave Washington.

Government officials familiar with the plans tell The New York Times that the initiative began during the final months of the Bush administration, and the Obama administration decided to leave it in place.

The White House Military Office will now lead the way in installing a “shadow government” should officials have to leave the capital because of a terrorist strike or some other catastrophe. The contingency plans include moving those officials to Mount Weather, Va. and running backup computer systems.

Expect the left to blame Bush and not mention Obama.

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One Response to “Gates Half-Irish, Related To Officer Crowley”

  1. Trish says:

    As an American of Irish decent, I will now refrain from commenting on this story. Okay, except that I know for a fact that none of my Irish ancestors ever ever owned slaves.
    I believe this was the assumption, that the way all half white/black babies came about was through the debauchery of slave owners.
    I’m not even sure that very many Irish were rich enough to have owned them, during the days of slavery.
    But okay, you’re right, it gives the media a chance to bring up reparations again, and to berate all white men for the plights of the blacks.

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